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 Hello! We have a problem with field - see attachment screenshots. It  appears when we have fast movement of the camera or the subject. This is like a semi-transparent ghost. Out input signal is 1080i50 and deinterlace is activated.  Maybe Wirecast have some hidden settings? Ex. OBS have 6 options for deinterlacing and we didn't have such problem. How I can solve the problem?



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  • Some video capture devices have their own deinterlacing. 

    What devices are you using and do they have deinterlacing available?

    There certainly are different ways to deinterlace. What methods would you like?

    Frame blending is one method for example (and might cause the blurring). Another would be dropping one field and doubling the other. This could impact smooth motion though especially for sports. Another would make each field and independent frame making it 50p. There may be other variations. Again sometimes these are determined by the capture card so please do detail what you're interested in.

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  • CraigS I use Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio Mini Recorder with MacBook. In OBS I was using "Linear 2x" and I had good result. I think Wirecast have only "Blend mode", right? We don't work in 1080p25 1080p50 mode, only 1080i50:(

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  • Vyacheslav Ovcharenko I suspect you want something more than Blackmagic's deinterlace option. Can you describe what "Linear 2x" does? If you do a recording and jog through what does the OBS recording look like? Again there are several ways to deinterlace and it's not clear what "Linear 2x" means. It might be converting fields to frames for example.

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  • CraigS  I want  more options for Wirecast, not for Blackmagic:) My Mini Recorder have only capture function. Deinterlacing is option streaming soft. "Linear - interpolates lines of one half-picture, discard the
    other. Linear 2x - interpolates lines of each half-picture. Double
    framerate." - it is from OBS help guide. 

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  • Vyacheslav Ovcharenko Thanks for the description. 
    LP will document that for you.

    so OBS can change 50i to either 25p (linear) or 50p (2x linear).

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

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  • LP Thanks for that.

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  • Are there any updates to this topic? I just compared the newest Version of Wirecast to OBS an OBS is way better.

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  • Ronny Eberle Handling interlaced sources (that's what's causing the ghosting)?
    Please fill out the form, tell us the cameras and settings you are using (most modern cameras offer Progressive which would have no ghosting) and ask for a status update.

    Wirecast Support Form

    Our internal reference number

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