No Audio with Desktop Presenter for Wirecast 7.7 Studio

I tried using the newest Desktop Presenter with Wirecast 7.7 Studio and no audio is coming thru. I have double checked all the Wirecast settings and even went to a later version of Desktop Presenter.  Any solutions? 

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  • Remote Desktop Presenter should be version 2.0.8.
    Locally you'd use Screen Capture.

    I'd like to help but I need more information since it's not clear what OS, whether you capturing locally or some other computer on your network or what you're trying to capture. It's not clear how you're monitoring the shots. Please describe as if you were instructing someone to do the same setup. Perhaps the audio driver didn't install or you don't have audio capture enabled. 

  • CraigS  Thank you for your reply! I am using RDP 2.0.8 on a remote iMac operating High Sierra 10.13 to Wirecast Studio 7.7 on an iMac operating Sierra 10.12.6 all on the same network. Simple computer to computer connection within the same network. 

    1. Installed RDP 2.0.8 on a remote computer (capture computer) using the same network as the receiving computer. Enabled capture audio. changed region to capture YouTube video off Safari. 

    2. On the receiving computer, Opened Wirecast Studio 7.7 and created a new shot with "remote desktop presenter". Added the i.P. address and video is visible. The video is very choppy (frame rate might be different). Checked all the audio settings for that shot in Wirecast and ensured they are enabled. 

    The result is no audio from remote computer into Wirecast. 

  • Ronny Pool Thanks for those details.
    On the computer with Desktop Presenter go to 

    Macintosh HD > Library > Extensions > TelestreamAudio.kext.

    Remove TelestreamAudio.kext.
    Reboot the computer
    Open Desktop Presenter and Capture Audio and it should ask you to download the driver again. Once that's installed reboot the computer and start your source (Safari YouTube) and then start Desktop Presenter and point it to that source and see if it works.

  • Good afternoon! I am experiencing the same thing at our schools. Our broadcasting machines are running Windows 10 with Remote Desktop Presenter 2.0.8. Both computers are on the same network and are hardwired in. Getting the desktop from the laptop using Remote Desktop Presenter to show in Wirecast is seamless - the audio is the issue. Do you have any suggestions?



  • Nick Grzeda In Remote Desktop Presenter enable Capture Audio. In Wirecast in with the Desktop Presenter shot selected looking at Remote Desktop Presenter Properties make sure Enable Audio is selected.

  • CraigS Thanks! I'll let the teachers using this know.

  • Nick Grzeda You're welcome of course. It's very easy to miss those check boxes and they should both be enabled or the audio won't come through.

  • CraigS Good afternoon! Unfortunately, my colleagues are reporting that after selecting these boxes, they are still not getting sound to play through a live broadcast. One of my colleagues reported the following: "I recorded a video and then played it with remote desktop presenter and could hear it through wirecast...but could not hear it as a live feed."

    Any thoughts?



  • Nick Grzeda said:
    I recorded a video and then played it with remote desktop presenter and could hear it through wirecast...but could not hear it as a live feed."

     If they see the meters moving on the right side of the Wirecast Live Broadcast Area then it's going to the encoder. If the see the meters on the left side of the Wirecast Preview Area but not the right side Live Area they have to make sure they're transitioning. In Wirecast it's possible to monitor either the Preview Or Live Broadcast Area so it depends where they're monitoring to determine the issue. If they hear it in Wirecast anywhere then it does mean Desktop Presenter is working properly though.

  • CraigS Thanks! I'm going to a school on Friday to check this out myself. Again, I appreciate your guidance.


  • Nick Grzeda You're welcome of course. Do post back while you're there if possible and otherwise take screenshots so I can see what Wirecast meters show if needed.

  • CraigS we were able to get sound from one machine to another no problem; however, is there a way to get a live shot of someone speaking from a computer with the desktop presenter to the broadcasting machine with Wirecast? For instance, we have tried to use Google Hangout/Meet and Skype with no success. The audio will not pick up. Any ideas?

  • Nick Grzeda You can use Wirecast Rendezvous. The source computer would just need a webcam and either FireFox or Chrome browsers. You'd need Wirecast 8 and up for that (ideally Wirecast 11).

    Otherwise Skype really should work.

  • Good evening - I know its been years later but I am having the smae issue. FIrst of all when I download and install Desktop Presentor version 2.08 when I launch the program running OS 12.2.1 I get an error message that says it can't be opened and I am instructed to show in Finder - WHen I control open in FInder it opens but no access to audio.  It asks me to downloar audio component - I do so and when I click Capture audio it asks me to download audio capture again - it will do this continually.  lease advise.

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      Michael Anderson Clarke Desktop Presenter doesn't support the new audio driver needed for the new macOS. If you need to capture from another computer please use the free NDI Scan Converter or use Wirecast's built-in screen capture if on the same computer. You must use Wirecast 14.3.4 as well.

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