I Have To Double Buy Screenflow To Use On Desktop & Laptop? You Guys Are Making Me Leave Screenflow!

I love Screenflow and have used it for years. But this dumb (greedy??) policy that you can't activate it on a desktop and laptop is absolutely ridiculous.

I want to use Screenflow on my desktop and laptop, I'm the only one using it, and I don't want to hassle with deactivating and reactivating all the time...that's crazy.

Why would you have a policy that requires this? It's not customer friendly and is just plain dumb. 

I can purchase on the App store but then it's $130/year and no $40 upgrade. I don't want to do it but this kind of thing is forcing us to switch to Camtasia. 

Who can I talk to in order to get this policy changed? I tried talking to sales and there's nothing they can do. 

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  • Let's look at it over a 5 year period. If a new version of Screenflow drops every year, and I want to use on both of my computers, I have to buy the App store version every year which is $650 ($130 x 5 years). Versus $200 ($40 upgrades x 5 years). Because I want to use Screenflow on a 2nd computer, I have to pay more than triple? 

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  • I don't know what policy you're talking about. I recently purchased a new computer and so for a short while had SF7 on 3 computers. All got locked out which was frustrating, but the situation got solved quickly. Now I have it on two computers. 

    On both computers I can go into Prefs and click on deactivate. Simple.

    If I remember the wording correctly there are 2 key issues:

    - you can't be using SF7 on two different computers at the same time

    - they ask you to consider buying a second license (but don't require)

    Maybe I'm missing something in what you've written but it seems perfectly kosher to have on 2 machines that are both yours as long as you are not using both at the same time. Since one computer is at home, the other at my office, this is a completely fine arrangement. 

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  • Sierra Hawk You can deactivate on one computer and activate on another in 15 minutes or less. It's often much less. You can move the activation from computer to computer as often as you like. Mathew's information is worth reading as well.

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  • CraigS Thank you, I don't want to have to activate and re-activate all the time though, that's a bad user experience. Why make a user hassle with that? Why can't the license allow for using on 2 computers in the 1st place? 

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  • Mathew Mitchell The problem is that you have to deactivate and activate each time..that's crazy. Let's say I'm on my laptop and I want to use Screenflow..I have to go to my desktop to deactivate there first? What if I'm not at the office and don't have access to my desktop? It's ridiculous. I love Screenflow but this is too much. 

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  • Sierra Hawk  Okay, maybe I somehow have a different version from you but I don't need to do this. It works perfectly fine on 2 different computers NOT used at the same time with Screenflow. Does that not work for you? 

    Deactivation is needed, absolutely, however if you need to start using a third computer and need to deactivate one of the two active ones beforehand.

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  • Mathew Mitchell No, I can only use on 1 computer. Whenever I want to use it on my laptop, I'd have to deactivate on my desktop first, every single time. Horrible user experience and for no good reason. 

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  • CraigS Not to mention, if I'm out and with my laptop and can't deactivate my desktop, I'm stuck, I can't use it. How is that a good user experience? 

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  • the details are here:



    All I can really say is I can flip back and forth between my 2 machines without deactivating. So maybe I do have some sort of different license. 

    CraigS I went to the Sales FAQ page here:


    And there I found no mention of this 1 computer policy. Certainly the norm is on 2 computers (not using both at the same time). Some companies allow for more, as does the App Store. If this is the unusual policy of the company it should be stated in a clear way as it certainly goes against reasonable expectations. Obviously a company is free to do 1 license/activation if they want, but they should also clearly state that so the buyer knows before they purchase. 

    I do fear the result of such a policy is it will drive more and more folks to purchase Camtasia over time. 

    I create well over 90% of my screencasts on my very nice iMac 27. But there are times where I need to make quick screencasts at home/road with my laptop because of a specific problem one of my students is facing. Making it harder to do this does cause some aggro. I'm sure I could learn to do the de-activate on iMac and then activate on laptop routine before a trip: that would be easy enough. But it would be cumbersome to do it at the end of each working day: and I never know when then need to do a "quickie" screencast might pop-up. Doesn't happen often, but it does happen occasionally at unpredictable times. 

    I know you don't have control over these things, but it's worth a discussion with relevant folks at Telestream. Either change/tweak the policy a bit, or make the policy much clearer to buyers before they purchase. 

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  • Mathew Mitchell  

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  • Sierra Hawk Mathew Mitchell
    Please contact sales if you have questions or comments about the license agreement.

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  • CraigS I did contact sales and they said it's only for 1 computer and the only way to use it on a 2nd would be to deactivate and activate every single time. I love Screenflow but this is too much. I can use Zoom or Camtasia on all devices with no issues and no jumping through hoops. I'm sure I'm not the only one leaving Screenflow because of this. Hopefully you guys change this policy because I'd love to stay. 

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  • Sierra Hawk Have you expressed that you're leaving over this. Sales needs to know that.

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