HDMI Source Flip

Hi. Here's my diagnostic information...

I'm running Wirecast Gear 110.

Edition: Windows 10 Pro
Version: 1607
OS Build: 14393.447
Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 CPU at 3.40GHz
Installed RAM: 16.0 GB
System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Wirecast 7.2.0 (29360) 64-bit

Here's the issue...

I open a new Wirecast blank document. In the fifth (bottom) layer, I add "Pro Capture Quad HDMI 1," which is the port I have my HDMI cable plugged into. This HDMI cable connects my Dell PC to the Wirecast Gear unit. The preview is great and normal. I see the computer screen (from the Dell) inside Wirecast. Great so far.

The problem comes in when I add in the same layer (or any other layer, for that matter) a Remote Desktop Presenter source. I type in the IP address that is displayed on the iMac's Desktop Presenter. The Remote Display Presenter pops up per normal. I am running version 2.0.8 (29201) of the Desktop Presenter on the iMac.

THEN, in Wirecast, the original Pro Capture Quad HDMI 1 source is flipped upside down. I can quickly adjust the Y-rotation of that source to 180 degrees and it fixes the issue, but I shouldn't have to do that. Wirecast *should* display the input properly. What is causing this?


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  • Since the issue sounds odd, just to clarify, HDMI appears normal until you add a remote DTP source and then the HDMI shot is 180° flipped?

    Can you tell me the Magewell Driver version installed with your Gear?
    The current version is V1.3.0.3214, released on 2016/10/31

    Just as a test, can you try using a Video Camera into your HDMI 1? I want to see if the issue is related to using your Dell computer. 

  • Hi Craig. Thanks for your reply.

    I just verified in Device Manager that the Magewell driver for the Pro Capture Quad HDMI is


    I changed the HDMI cord running from the Dell computer into input slot #3 instead of #1.


    I did the same steps... Opened a new document in Wirecast. Added the Dell shot followed by the Sony camcorder shot in a separate layer. Then I added the Remote Desktop Presenter and doing that triggered the Dell view to flip again.


    I just downloaded the latest video card driver for the Dell machine and retried the entire solution by shutting all machines down and starting fresh. Same thing happens.


    Thanks for your continued help!

  • What happened to the Sony camcorder shot?
    I want to confirm this is specific to using the Dell as the source.

  • The Sony camcorder shot is not affected at all. It is constant and doesn't change in terms of resizing or flipping...


    I noticed yesterday during a live streaming event that the Dell source also will rapidly flip 180° (three or four times a second lasting approximately 10-15 seconds) *even after* I have adjusted the shot to properly display. This happens intermittently with no predicatability or known ways to replicate it happening.

  • So it seems it might be related signal Dell is putting out and/or the Magewell firmware or driver and how they interact with Desktop Presenter.

    As a test can you see if the same thing happens when you use Wirecast's built in local Screen Capture?

  • CraigS How specifically do you want me to test that? I added a Screen Capture using full screen then I tried using just a portion of the screen. So far, I don't see anything like the flickering or flipping as the Dell HDMI input. Thanks.

  • David M. That may be enough. I just want to make sure the issue is specific to Remote Desktop Presenter vs all Screen Capturing.

    Do you have another computer besides the Dell you can use as a source? I'd like to see if this is specific to the Dell?

    In the meantime do fill out the form and link to this forum thread. Our engineer can read and confirm the issue on our end.

    Wirecast Gear Support Form

  • CraigS Yes. I have an Alienware machine. I'll check when I get back to the studio... about an hour. Thanks.

  • David M. Thanks. That can help our engineers narrowing down the issue. Also, if you can, note the screen size. One factor is that it might be limited to non standard frame sizes. In other words 16:9 1920x1080 might be fine but 16:10 (1920x1200 for example) might be an issue.

  • CraigS I can confirm that the problem is not limited to my Dell machine. It also happens when I plug an HDMI source from my Alienware machine...


    Note I tried two more things:


    1) I reverted to the Magewell driver release before the current ( one. I installed the driver (dated 8/4/2016).


    2) I then added the Alienware HDMI to a new Document in Wirecast Gear/Wirecast Pro then added the Remote Desktop Presenter iMac source. Same result, 180 degree flip.


    3) I then shut everything down without saving changes, installed the up-to-date Magewell driver ( Shut everything down again and restarted. Then I tried adding the Alienware source, followed by the Remote Desktop Presenter source. Note at this point I also tried adding the Dell source and it's also flipped. This would *seem* to rule out the Magewell drivers as the root cause I would assume?


    Also, I have tried adding the Remote Desktop Presenter shot *first* to see if that would help. Same results, flipping the HDMI source(s).


    Thanks for your continued help.

  • CraigS I filled out the Wirecast Support Form and sent it in to the engineer per your request... I included the link to this thread. Thank you all for your continued help!

  • David M. You're welcome of course. Thanks for doing this testing. It should narrow things down very quickly. It seems clear that computer input into Magewell and the Remote Desktop Presenter is the culprit combination. Something about Desktop Presenter may be impacting the driver when a non standard video input (computer) is the source).

    Do post back anything the engineer has to say.

  • CraigS Nothing as of yet.

  • David M. They're definitely investigating it.

    Is this Dell a desktop or laptop, same for the Alienware?
    What is the monitor resolution(s) frame size(s) set to?

    Did you try an earlier version of remote Desktop Presenter?

  • CraigS This is a Dell desktop... It's an Inspiron 2350.

    The Alienware machine is a desktop as well. It's an Alienware Alpha R2.

    The monitor resolution is set to 1920 by 1080 on both machines.

    I just replied to the engineer's email... I did try using the previous version (2.0.7 per the setup file he sent me) of Desktop Presenter on the iMac. I also updated Wirecast to 7.3. Neither of these tries fixed the issue. 

  • David M. Thanks for adding that information. We'll continue to investigate.

    Another thing to check may be monitor refresh rate. Try setting it to 60Hz if it's set to something else (such as 75Hz for example).

  • CraigS All monitors involved are set to 60Hz. Always have been throughout the duration of the problem.


  • CraigS Interestingly enough, I just opened a new Wirecast document. Added source 1 (the dell computer), source 2 (the Alienware computer), source 3 (the Sony camcorder), and then I added an additional shot that I haven't tried before... An Apple TV.


    I then added the remote desktop presenter shot from the iMac. The Dell and Alienware shots flip/flicker 180°. The Apple TV shot does not.


    An interesting development. I don't know what this means, but maybe this info will prove helpful somehow to you all.


    Thanks again!

  • David M. Thanks for that. We're exploring every possible option as to why computer sources are being treated differently than other video sources.

    It would seem the signal out of the AppleTV is seen differently. Do send that info in via email with your case number.

  • Hi, we have very similar problem, image flipping and flickering between normal and upside down position with Wirecast 9 and Magewell Pro Capture Dual HDMI.

    What was problem/solution in your case?

  • Petras P Please do submit your case so you can directly contact support. Gear support form previously posted.

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