Latest batch of problems with WC 7.7

Today's issues:

Flash encoder crash during the show that caused the recording to abort, while FB Live seemed to be unphased. (this happened last week, too)

Spacebar stopped working for taking shots. (new today)

Channel 1 of our AJA io4K went haywire. (new today)

Wirecast loses contact with our USB Audio Codec, requiring to reconnect the USB cable (this happens every few shows)

Still can't record the feed with NDI Recorder with their latest update, or with OBS


Macbook Pro 2013 i7 Quad


capturing to internal SSD, 140GB free space

AJA io4K

Allen & Heath XB10 USB mixer

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  • You may want to try Wirecast 8.2 and see how it fairs.
    In the meantime Reset Wirecast Preferences and Reboot the computer. Generally I always reboot before a live stream as it can clear out some things (OS startup routines).

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  • The computer is used for one thing each week and that's the show. It sits off all week long, and then we turn it on 2 hours before we go on air. However, now to get things to work it requires at least one restart of wirecast prior to going on air. We have done absolutely everything you've always suggested to us, but paying another $300 as a bug fix is not an acceptable solution.

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  • George Whittam First confirm that 8.2 fixes the issues (or not). That may determine whether it's the program or some other issue in the config. That would also mean creating a new document just in case the document itself is corrupted in some fashion.

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