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A couple weeks ago, we started having an issue with audio. Everything was working fine and suddenly the audio on the live video was out of sync. I went in and adjusted the audio delay, which made the audio sync up, only to later find out that what I was hearing in Wirecast for the Live video was not what was being streamed or recored and because I added the delay, both the stream and recording were out of sync. The next week I removed the audio delay, which made the audio on the live video in Wirecast sound out of sync with the video, but the stream and recording were correct. I am not sure how to fix this. Any help would be great. 

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  • I'd love to help but you've had to provide the technical information. Please read READ BEFORE POSTING at the top of this product forum.

    What you hear in Wirecast precedes the encoder. The encoders themselves aren't likely to change sync though. If it's in sync preceding the encoder it's possible there's an issue server side. I'd recommend doing a local recording and testing that in a Media Player (not an NLE).

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  • In Premiere - you can stretch the audio/video until it comes into sync.  I'm still looking for a solution.

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  • Tyler Hanson Time stretch is a common feature in professional NLEs. Another solution is to re-encode the recording to a locked frame rate.

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