You killed Kenny (or broke NDI video) in version 12

Hi there,


NDI video via Skype of NewTek Scan Converter are now broken for and deliver audio only for me on my network. Reverting back to 11.1.2 where it still works for me.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?




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  • Have you tested in Wirecast 12.1?

  • Works for me.
    Computer with web browser open playing YouTube video. NewTek ScanConvertor capturing. Computer on LAN via WiFi.
    Wirecast 12.1 on another.
    Captures both video and audio as you can see by the audio meters.

  • And Skype NDI out (making the free test call).


  • I tried making a new file and it didn't work for me. Still on 11.2 ( i think).

  • Adam Blainey update to 12.1.1. Updates are bug fixes. I can certainly confirm Skype NDI Wirecast works so the issue is likely something about your config. No other reports of this issue.

  • Just updated to 12.2. NDI still dead.


    What's happening is it is not connecting.

  • If I open it in 11.2, no problem.

  • Adam Blainey Since you're showing OBS specifically, please test with Skype as source. It's definitely working for us. It may be an issue with OBS implementation and updates we've done.

  • Adam Blainey Tested OBS 23.2.1, NDI Plugin 4.6.0 into Wirecast 12.2
    Works for me.

  • Adam Blainey - This sounds like a network level issue. I use NDI every day. I understand its working with 11.x for you and not 12.x ... What I do understand is that there were NDI library changes to newer versions. It may have been working in 11.x for you by accident, not by design. Try this command:

    dns-sd -B _ndi._tcp 

    If you do that, you should see something like this:

    Browsing for _ndi._tcp
    DATE: ---Sat 17 Aug 2019---
    8:10:50.364  ...STARTING...
    Timestamp     A/R    Flags  if Domain               Service Type         Instance Name
    8:10:50.365  Add        3  21 local.               _ndi._tcp.           MBP.LOCALDOMAIN (Chat)
    8:10:50.365  Add        2  21 local.               _ndi._tcp.           MBP.LOCALDOMAIN (Title)

    If you don't see your NDI Sources, there is another issue you will need to fix in your network. Perhaps your sources are on different subnets, and you don't have a mDNS reflector turned on.


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  • thanks CraigS  and Greg Kuhnert

    I tried Skype on a different device and it didn't work but in fact in OBS on it does work 

  • also  Greg Kuhnert  here is the printout from  the terminal command 

    Bests-Mac-Pro:~ allstreamedup$ dns-sd -B _ndi._tcp

    Browsing for _ndi._tcp

    DATE: ---Fri 16 Aug 2019---

    15:55:21.531  ...STARTING...

    Timestamp     A/R    Flags  if Domain               Service Type         Instance Name

    15:56:58.001  Add        2  12 local.               _ndi._tcp.           ADAMS-MACBOOK-PRO.LOCAL (Skype - (Local))

    15:56:58.160  Add        3  12 local.               _ndi._tcp.           ADAMS-MACBOOK-PRO.LOCAL (Skype - adyblain_29)

    15:56:58.160  Add        2  12 local.               _ndi._tcp.           ADAMS-MACBOOK-PRO.LOCAL (Skype - Active speaker)

    15:58:06.076  Add        2  12 local.               _ndi._tcp.           ADAMS-IMAC.LOCAL (OBS)

  • Adam Blainey - Are these sources on the same system? Eliminate the network for now by doing Skype on the same computer. 

  • Greg Kuhnert they are all on the same network, different devices. I figured NDI was designed for brining in devices on the network so I don't see what it wouldn't work across a network but would work normally, in my case, especially because OBS picks up the signal.

    I fired up NDI signal generator on my Mac Pro running Wirecast 12.2 and nothing but a black square. 

    Is there I can update my NDI tools? I'm going to look into that now.

    Also, as an aside and additional bonus, NDI output on my Mac Pro delivers only a white box, in 12.2 and 11.2 🥳

  • Wirecast 12.2 on my MacBook Pro receives NDI signals fine, it's literally just on my Mac Pro, so could it be a hardware issue where I am not meeting certain requirements that changed between 11.1.2 and 12.2?

    Here are the specs of my 5,1 Mac Pro

  • Adam Blainey - It is most likely name resolution that is causing your problem. I've seen things like this time after time with mDNS. Thats why I suggested trying it localhost instead of from one machine to another. But debugging that network issue would be a bit overly complex for this forum :)


  • Adam Blainey Please make sure you're using current NDI tools, current NDI plugin for OBS.

    Create a New User Admin account and test using the new account and run all software on that account, avoiding external network.

  • welcome back!

    So, it took me some time to solve this because I knew the ramification of it [NDI] working under a new user account would be transferring all my accounts and data over to the new account...

    But, I finally did the test and sure enough NDI is fixed under the new account. All data and accounts transferred over easily under Mojave. 

    I'm a happy kitten again.


    Thanks CraigS  and Greg Kuhnert

  • Adam Blainey Good to hear it's working in the new account. You're welcome of course.

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