Flip4Mac and Sierra

Is Flip4Mac not officially supported in macOS Sierra (10.12)?

I ask because some of the Flip4Mac 3.3.8 pages only show compatibility through version 10.11.6, rather than through 10.12.4:

*On the download page at http://www.telestream.net/flip4mac/download.htm
*On the technical specifications page at https://www.telestream.net/flip4mac/specs.htm
*In the release notes at http://www.telestream.net/download-files/flip4mac/3-3/rel_Flip4Mac_3.3.8.pdf


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  • Flip4Mac is supported in Sierra. Thanks for pointing that out. We should fix it.

    Our KBase notes Flip4Mac 3.3.7 forward supports Sierra.
    And here as well specific to 3.3.8 and Sierra.

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  • The Sierra issues are that Quicktime X will not convert WMV audio and Powerpoint and Keynote will have problems as well

    Both Telestream Flip Player and Switch (with Flip4Mac installed) play WMV files.
    Apple Compressor can create WMV files using Flip4Mac component.

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  • Officially it isn't supported in Sierra so the KBase articles need to be updated.

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