Flip4Mac and Sierra

Is Flip4Mac not officially supported in macOS Sierra (10.12)?

I ask because some of the Flip4Mac 3.3.8 pages only show compatibility through version 10.11.6, rather than through 10.12.4:

*On the download page at http://www.telestream.net/flip4mac/download.htm
*On the technical specifications page at https://www.telestream.net/flip4mac/specs.htm
*In the release notes at http://www.telestream.net/download-files/flip4mac/3-3/rel_Flip4Mac_3.3.8.pdf


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  • The Sierra issues are that Quicktime X will not convert WMV audio and Powerpoint and Keynote will have problems as well

    Both Telestream Flip Player and Switch (with Flip4Mac installed) play WMV files.
    Apple Compressor can create WMV files using Flip4Mac component.

  • Officially it isn't supported in Sierra so the KBase articles need to be updated.

  • My new 2017 mac won't play videos my old mac would play. I have Sierra 10.12.6. I use these in my work, so need an answer. Also, when I migrated, my old flip4mac did not come with the files. Many of my videos now say the Codec is unavailable. Help!

  • Christie Ward Flip4Mac is not compatible with Sierra or High Sierra.

    Flip4Mac Sierra, High Sierra KBase


    Our newer player Telestream Switch will play WMV files. List of Features.

  • Hello Craig - 

    Flip4Mac seems to work fine on my Sierra (10.12.6) install.  Has support been added or am I just lucky?

    Since we have paid for Flip4Mac Studio HD, can we upgrade/switch to Telestream Switch for free? Seems that would be fair.  


    MacPro (Late2013)

    OS 10.12.6

    3 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5

    Flip4Mac Studio HD version

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  • Jesse Achtenberg It does mostly work but there are some issues. Using it in Power Point and other programs may present problems.
    I've even used it in High Sierra in Apple Compressor to create WMV files although it can't work in Quicktime X.

    Please do contact support and ask about Switch offers from Flip4Mac Studio HD.
    Flip4Mac Support Form

  • I have also have this problem.

    I now have a thousand Powerpoint users I can't supply wmv movie files to. Their IT dept. won't allow them to install Telestream Switch. I am having to re-encode all our films as poor quality .mpg files.

  • Pete jones Sorry about that. Given that Apple has deprecated Quicktime components we can't develop it further. Switch uses its own built in technology to play files so that's our way forward. Eventually IT will have to consider which way forward for them since the OS changes are in Apple's hands.

  • So, development of Flip4Mac officially will not continue?

    And Switch Player is its successor?

  • Tim Basically. With Apple's deprecation of Quicktime components we had to develop software that can decode internally. That is Switch.

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