Wirecast 7.4 hangs every time we live stream

We're using the following system to live stream a music show to Facebook Live...

4 x Cameras -> HDMI -> (+ sound on XLR) -> Blackmagic ATEM Production Studio 4K (controlled by an iMac)  -> BMD UltraStudio -> SDI -> Mini Recorder -> Thunderbolt -> Mac Book Pro (specs below) -> Wirecast -> FB Live.

We're running at 720p50 because our cameras won't do 720p30 (the Facebook standard)

I only have one single shot in Wirecast and don't use it for switching as the ATEM handles that pre capture.  So I've effectively got a single input with video and audio combined.

Last Tuesday, it hung (Beach Ball) after 2 minutes but kept streaming until the end of the show 54mins later.  Had to force quit which didn't look professional on the stream as it as 'interrupted' rather than 'ended'.

Last night, it lasted all the way to the end of the show, then hung (Beach Ball) about 2 seconds before the end.  Again, had to force quite causing the same issue.

At this point I'm seriously considering getting my money back and getting one of those new BMD Web Presenter Boxes instead.

However, I'm impressed that Wirecast stays streaming even when it's unresponsive (beach ball).

The MacBook Pro specs are...
MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014)
3 GHz Intel Core i7
8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel Iris 1536 MB
Drive is an SSD.

Wirecast Version 7.4.0 (30180)

All BMD drivers are up to date.

I have told the Mac not to put anything to sleep when using power
I've killed and quit all background stuff - dropbox, google drive, etc.

The Mac is wired to my hub using an ethernet cable for these live streams and wireless is turned off. I have plenty of bandwidth for 720p30

The only thing I haven't done is run the Activity Monitor during a stream.

Any thoughts, helps would be very much appreciated.  I'm live streaming a debate in 3.5 hours time and have two more music shows next Tues and the one after this series and would like to get this stable.

Thanks in advance.


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  • As a test,
    Remove the Blackmagic devices
    Reboot the computer
    Reset Wirecast Preferences, Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on the lower left Reset preferences.
    Start Wirecast again with a new blank document and do a test using only the MBP's built in Facetime webcam using a 720p30 encoder setting to Facebook.
    Tell me if it locks up at any point.

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  • Same problem I had on Wirecast 7.3


    btw, the BMD Web Presenter Boxes you mentioned, can't stream on its own to FB. It'll still need Wirecast or OBS etc to stream to FB.

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  • Charlie BMD Web Presenter is not yet compatible with Wirecast.
    I don't see a response to my post on the other thread. In order to troubleshoot this please answer questions and/or follow any testing procedures we recommend. The issue may be specific to certain configs.

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  • Thanks everyone.  Wirecast ran okay for the 20 minute debate the other night.

    Tech support suggested that I went and turned off Preferences > General > Show Number of Viewers.

    As the hang happened last time at 50-ish minutes into a stream, I need to run it that long to find out, which I haven't had a chance to do yet but will over the weekend.

    Noted about the Web Presenter Box.

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  • Live in Session You're welcome of course. Do post back that you've confirmed that disabling Show Number of Viewers fixes the Wirecast hang.

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    • Irvin Cee
    • Heart and Soul chooses the music I play.
    • 10 days ago
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    Ah thought I was going crazy but I'm not alone...
    Since I updated to 7.4 I had this non-responsive already 4 times (each time I stream).
    It keeps streaming but you can no to anything anymore.
    In all 4 times it happens somewhere around 1h30 streaming to multiple sites (2 sometimes 3).
    I also had situations where 1 of my streams just plains stops but the second ones continues to stream.
    7.4 is very unreliable because of this, alread made myself looking a fool like 4 times...
    I been testing like crazy, but because it takes so long it's hard to simulate.
    I always use playlists, so maybe it because of this?
    I was thinking it could be a NVENC issues because I seen the GPU usage drop dead when it happens?
    I'm on Windows 10.
    Besides that also my CPU usage is irraticaly much higher.


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  • Irvin Cee see my previous post with instructions if you're streaming to Facebook. 
    If you think the issue is NVENC related try using Intel QuickSync instead and see what happens. Both should have lower CPU use compared to x264 and MainConcept.

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    • Irvin Cee
    • Heart and Soul chooses the music I play.
    • 8 days ago
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    Did'nt notice sorry for that. I'll give it a shot.
    But 2x I was not streaming to Facebook (not directly anyway).
    But that may be a seperate issue. 


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  • Irvin Cee Give Wirecast 7.5 a look. Released today and some work done on Facebook issue and other issues as well.

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  • Downloaded 7.5 today but kept the Preferences > General > Show Number of Viewers. turned OFF.  Worked fine for 54 minute stream.  Perfect.  Will report back again next Tuesday after the last show in this series.

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  • Live in Session Thanks for that report.

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