How to set custom bit rate during export?

Hi everyone and thanks for reading.

My question which I hope someone can assist me with is how do we set a custom bit rate for my MOV movie file when transcoding from ProRes 422 LT to H.264?

I have gone to Quality and selected Custom.

In the x264 Settings field, I tried entering the following:  

-b:v 5M   

Unfortunately this does not have any effect on the exported movie.

Any ideas what else I can try entering here?

Many thanks


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  • Trying

    and I'm not seeing any impact either.

    Even tried something more complex.
    -c:v libx264 -preset slow -tune film -b:v 1M
    no impact.

    Please fill out the form and report this.

    Switch Report Form

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  • Have submitted the report form, Craig...


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  • You're welcome of course. Please do post back anything interesting the engineers say.

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  • Hi Craig

    Aplogies for the delay. Busy switching operating systems... :)

    The good folks at Telestream got back to me as to how to go about setting the bit rate.  I have copied what they sent me...


    Please use two dashes and hit tab key for values in the x264 setting field to take effect.


    Select Video Edit
    Select Video Transcode
    Expand H264
    Enter x264 setting: --bitrate 200
    Tab down

    Exported file should be 20 Mbps.


    I haven't tried it yet myself. Hope it helps someone else.

    By the way, they did mention that only very few options actually work here. Fortunately, I just needed the bit rate to be varied so as to keep file sizes at bay and was in luck :)





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  • Zahari M Thanks for that. Do test and report back. 
    We do have this Knowledge Base on x264 command line

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