Playing back a YouTube video in stream is jerky

Hey gang,

Any idea why when playing a YouTube video within a stream that video playback is jerky? Here's an example as seen on my last stream: https://youtu.be/TGQo72nqy5w?t=11m58s The playback in Chrome is clean and smooth but in Wirecast it's jerky as you can see here.

Any thoughts?

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  • I guess the web plugin used in wirecast isn't optimized for streaming content. You can use the screen capture to optimize.

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  • Lots of potential factors... I'd suggest pre-downloading and using another method of playout.Either load it up in a shot, or screen capture from VLC on another monitor for example.

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  • Both the above answers are good. You may also want to try another browser. For example, Web Page plugin with a Safari Youtube page has very good frame rate playback. 

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  • Sorry guys, got my terminology all wrong. Jens Jarke It was a screen capture I was using - and it was capturing a Chrome YouTube window. 

    CraigS The reason I don't use the Web Page plugin is because there is no way to control the content. Once the page is loaded there is no way to interact with the page. This is a feature OBS has, called "interact". Pretty strange it's not here.

    Greg Kuhnert I want to interact with the content on YouTube in real time as dictated by my viewers. It's not possible to pre-download the content (plus that is against YouTube TOS too, so I want to stay above board.

    Is there ANY way in Wirecast to play a YouTube video while streaming AND be able to interact with it? Surely?

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  • To minimize stress on the streaming System I would try a seperate system and using Desktop Presenter, NDI Scan converter (Wirecast Pro needed) or HDMI capture to get the second computer into the streaming system.

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  • Jens Jarke A second computer isn't practical in my setup mate. Is there no way to do this with Wirecast and a single machine? Am I hearing this correctly?

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  • No, It can run on the same machine if the resources are strong enough. You have to find the bottleneck in your system if it's stressed with both tasks.

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  • Benon Koebsch  You may need to explain further. A screen capture should work fine with a very good frame rate. You set it to Monitor, Window or Game. Using Monitor and cropping might work best. Again you may want to try playback in another browser. If you have a two monitor setup, you can have the browser on the second monitor and play it full screen (on a 1920x1080 monitor for example).

    Regarding "interact" it depends on what you mean by that. If you're dealing with prerecorded content it might be better to have the file locally and playback in Wirecast.

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  • CraigS When you say "a very good frame rate" what are you referring to? I don't see any option to set the frame rate of a Screen Capture?

    I've been using Window with cropping and scaling down as attached.

    I've tried this with Chrome, Firefox and Safari, all performing similar to how you see in the stream: jerky playback.

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  • Benon Koebsch said:
    When you say "a very good frame rate" what are you referring to? I don't see any option to set the frame rate of a Screen Capture?

     If your source is 30fps you playback should be about 30fps. Screen Capture in Monitor mode (not necessarily Window mode) will generally give you about the source frame rate. Use Monitor, not Window (which may only be 15fps or so).

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  • Ok, I tried Monitor mode and it is no different. Glitching and jerky just like Window Mode.

    I also tried both using a separate HDMI monitor attached by Thunderbolt.

    Any other suggestions?

    My machine is powerful enough to do this, so it's not that (and it works fine in OBS).

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  • Benon Koebsch  Switch browsers. Since, other than Window mode, we're not seeing it, it's likely config related. 

    OBS and Wirecast both capture on Mac using similar technology so it really depends on the settings you're using.

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  • Benon Koebsch  Wirecast (Monitor mode) and OBS both capturing YouTube video from Safari at the same time. Shrunk to show as a GIF but you can see the frame rate is the same. They were both capturing the same Dell 1920x1200 monitor. Recorded and exported at 30fps.


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  • Benon Koebsch
    Same as above. Wirecast capturing YouTube video in Safari displayed full screen.   


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  • Ok, Monitor mode is not practical for me as I use it to keep an eye on my chat and to have to constantly make sure whatever video we are watching is in front of the chat window is just not possible.

    Can we work out why this is not working for me on Window mode using Safari?

    Here's what I see at my end (for clarity): https://youtu.be/YQ8rGVO85PM

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  • Benon Koebsch  You can use Monitor mode and crop. Window will have a lower frame rate. Usually about 15fps. It's the nature of the technology. Please test monitor mode to confirm you're not having another issue.

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  • CraigS Monitor mode is not practical as you have to keep the content positioned and in front of everything else. Without another external monitor setup that's impossible for me.

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  • Benon Koebsch  Sorry but Window mode results in a lower frame rate but it should look a bit better than what I'm seeing. Please follow my instructions and test monitor mode to see if the issue is limited to Window mode. 

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  • Hi Benon Koebsch

    I use video content during my live streams every week. In my case however, I pre-prepare my content as MP4 files on my local computer instead of trying to capture in window mode. I then playout using VLC to a separate external monitor, and capture the whole monitor. Using this method, I get smooth video with no issues.

    To help nail down the root cause, I'd first try window mode on another app (eliminate safari). If that fails, I'd then try full screen capture on an external monitor - and send youtube playback to full screen. At least By trying it in this order, we will have a clear root cause of your problem.


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  • Ok I tested Monitor mode on my external HDMI monitor (the one I use for the chat) and it seems to work fine, but as said, that monitor is for my chat. 

    So then I tried an iPad connected via Duet Display set to Monitor mode and that works also. It's a little clunky tho as Duet Display sends data over Airplay (from what I understand) as well as lightning cable?

    Right now it seems like I am stuck because I don't have enough ports on the iMac!

    I wonder if there are any cheap monitors that connect via Ethernet as that port is the only one free on my machine!

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  • Benon Koebsch  Perhaps give Sienna NDI ScanConvertor but you may need the paid version to do what you want. The other option might be to see if Syphon works.

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  • I've had a look at Sienna NDI Scan Convertor, will give the trial a run and see how it operates. What is this Syphon program tho? I cannot find anything about it except references to it? You got a link?

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  • Benon Koebsch See pages 133-134 in the User Guide.

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  • It's another form of Screen Capture. We added it because it has a better frame rate in some cases such as compared to Screen Capture Window. We wanted to build in another alternative for our users. 

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  • CraigS Is it meant to work with any browser? Either I am doing it wrong or it will only work with Firefox?

    That's no big issue, just curious. 

    Looks like this is what I needed, will test it out and see how it performs on my live this Saturday :)

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