Specs for Windows Desktop to run basic Wirecast

I have a Windows 10 Desktop with no dedicated Graphics card. Simply I have the internal Intel HD Graphics and 6GB of RAM. It is an Intel i3 Processor. I have seen the CPU usage during Wirecast streaming stay in the 80-90% range. I have seen other posts in which users have said it is dangerous to be that high. Would you guys suggest an upgrade of RAM to maybe 8GB and or recommend a cheap graphics card. If possible, list out some under $150 graphic cards good for Wirecast. 

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  • Yes, CPU use over 80% can result in issues like dropped frames as one potential problem.

    You may not be doing everything with your current setup to lower your CPU use but it may well be that the i3 isn't powerful enough. Generally with an i3 we don't recommend streaming more that 540p. 

    Recommended Hardware Specifications

    • Intel Core i3 CPU @ 1.7 Ghz or higher recommended for 540p streaming with x264 @ 30 fps.

    If your CPU supports it, in your Encoder (Output Settings) select Intel QuickSync instead of x264. Disable Live Icons in Wirecast Preferences. If you don't need the Preview window you can disable that as well. If you must use x264 then set Quality to a faster setting (Ultra Fast uses least CPU but does lower quality).

    Regarding the GPU, if you get an Nvidia graphics card that supports Kepler or later architecture you may be able to use NVENC encoding to lower CPU use.

    Hardware accelerated encoding requirements

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