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Currently in our application, for any asset upload, there are multiple thumbnails being generated. How can I limit this to just one thumbnail with a  particular height and width? Thanks. 

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  • I'd like to help but you posted in the Forum Q&A. If you have a question about a product please post in that product's forum.

  • CraigS Hi Criag, We are using FlipFactory which seems is not listed as product in this forum. Most probably because it is quite old product.

  • Anand Mohan You can contact Flip Factory Support directly with this form and they'll get back to you. You may want to consider upgrading to Vantage.

  • Hi Craig,


    We are out of support for FlipFactory and moving to a different solution but need to keep the lights on for few more months. I am encountering this issue and somehow have figured out the problem but do not know the resolution. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.Basically I want only one thumbnail (large ) to be generated. Currently it is generating low, medium and large. I tried to fix it in register.xml and reset_thumbnail.xml but it does not seem that I am doing correct things. Thanks

  • nateliv It's not clear what Telestream product you're referring to. Previous poster was discussing FlipFactory.

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