Transparent Backgrounds lost in Screenflow 8

I have a number of lower thirds in ProRes 4444 format as per attached screenshot. They all work fine as a transparent lower third individually. However I want to edit some make them longer and also add them together in a demo movie with music. I want to do this in Screenflow 8. I have tried numerous settings to export from Screenflow but failed.  I have tried "Manual Lossless - ProRes with Alpha" but the exported file has black backgrounds.  

How do I get a video file with Transparent Backgrounds please.

Appreciate any help offered.

Thanks Allan

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  • Set View > Show Checkerboard
    Then export Lossless ProRes with Alpha.
    Whatever is Checkerboard will be Alpha.

  • G’day Craig 


    I was thrilled to see your reply this morning Adelaide time thanks for the support.  Getting this to work is very important for me to build engaging LIVE streams using Ecamm Live.  This is of particular importance because of the Pandemic and no public meetings. 

    Sadly I need some more help.  Are you sure this works with Screenflow 8.  I followed your instructions carefully and the exported .mov out of Screenflow is still black background

    It is all about lower thirds with transparent backgrounds.

    Here is my troubleshooting so far:

    1. Used a lower third mov file and checked it in Ecamm Live - transparent as required.   Put it in a clean Screenflow document and using your settings above and followed your instructions carefully.  Result: FAIL all Black Backgrounds
    2. Tried another clean Screenflow document and dropped on a small square shape jpg. Exported as per your instructions Result: FAIL all Black Backgrounds
    3. Tried with a transparent PNG ex Keynote on another clean Screenflow document  Same settings and same Result: FAIL all Black Backgrounds
    4. Exported a shape animated in Keynote as a Apple pro res 4444 movie. This is an option of Keynote and it works well in Ecamm Live. Dropped that on a clean Screenfolw and exported as per instructions  Result: FAIL all Black Backgrounds 

    By the way these objects etc when seen on the canvas of Screenflow have checkerboard backgrounds like they should.

    Could you please help me again.  I want to keep trouble shooting this as getting it to work will add significant creative options to create Video Overlays.  If you can confirm it works in another video program and not Ecamm Live then that will isolate it and I will talk to Ecamm Support. 

    Looking forward to a reply and even more to SUCCESS


  • Allan Carrington Absolutely confirmed it works in ScreenFlow 8.2.6 
    Perhaps Ecamm can't see the Alpha but they work in Wirecast.
    ScreenFlow file attached.

  • It's no more complex than I've already explained.
    Checkerboard background
    Export Lossless ProRes with Alpha.
    That's it. Nothing more.

  • JPEG in ScreenFlow 8.2.6 with Alpha. 
    Export as described above.

    Added to FCPX Timeline and works as-is.

  • Nothing else to show. It just works. No tricks.

  • Craig Thanks mate I really appreciate you helping isolate the problem.  I have now contacted Ecamm Live Support..... This is too important to give up  😀.

    BTW.  Interesting behaviour.  I noticed you used 8.2.6.  I had 8.2.4 and yet everytime I checked updates all I got was a V9 promo.  I had to go to your support, log in and hunt for 8.2.6.  Don't you think an update check should have showed me there was a later V8.

    A little academic for this problem as of course it was the same behaviour in Ecamm.  However I had to get as close to your troubleshooting variables as possible.

    Please consider changing the update system to reflect any further updates to the installed version and not push people into the next paid version ....  BTW I want V9 and can't afford it at moment sadly but will upgrade ASAP


  • Allan Carrington said:
    noticed you used 8.2.6.  I had 8.2.4

     It doesn't show up in check for updates. Link to this page and look under Previous Versions near the top.

    I often use ScreenFlow to create some keyable animations to input into FCPX as you see above. Also for our own Wirecast (competing product to Ecamm Live) so output with alpha channel is something we pay a lot of attention to.

  • Allan Carrington said:
    Don't you think an update check should have showed me there was a later V8.

     Our back end can only support offering one update. It's not an easy thing for us to change.

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