Can you go back from wirecast 14 to 13?

Three months earlier we purchased Wirecast to broadcast a pianist in a series of performances. Our first and second broadcast went well. I upgraded to Wirecast 14 and we immediately had issues with audio dropouts. When I saw that Wirecast 14 required an Intel i7 quad-core 2.8GHz 6th Gen or higher I checked my computer and saw it had a Intel i7 quad-core 2.7GHz 3rd Gen in my Mac running Catalina.
Is it possible that version 14 is too much for my computer and I need to downgrade to version 13?
And if so how do I go back to Wirecast 13?

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  • Charles F. Ketcham said:
    we immediately had issues with audio dropouts

    Did you contact us for support?
    It's the only way we can troubleshoot your workflow or find the cause of a bug to fix.

    Have you tried Wirecast 14.0.4?

    While you mention audio dropouts you don't mention what your audio sources were. We need to know that to find and fix the cause. Was it Rendezvous.

    Charles F. Ketcham said:
    Is it possible that version 14 is too much for my computer

     14 is generally more efficient than 13 and 14 had a lot of audio fixes so we'd rather work with you on 14 first. 

  • We have contacted you for support. 
    I will download 14.04
    My audio sources are two mics connected to a Focusrite 3rd Gen Scarlett 18i8 entering Logic Pro through a Scarlett 18i8 driver and then Logic is using soundflower 64 to send signal into Wirecast where I have that as the audio source. that sits beneath the video source on the layer beneath on Wirecast. We are not using rendezvous video hookup.
    I will be in touch when I do another test with 14.04

      • CraigSModerator
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      • CraigS
      • 9 days ago
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      Charles F. Ketcham Given the potential issues with soundflower I'd remove that from the workflow. We'd have to determine if the issue involves the individual sources directly into Wirecast. 

  • I will try just that tomorrow. bypass soundflower all together and start without using my Logic Pro. However I must find a way to pass the signal through Logic for my grand piano to sound like a grand piano. But that is a good idea to put the mic signals directly into wirecast to start and see if problem is with inputs.

  • OK. Today I eliminated Soundflower and installed Balck Hole. OUr first experiment was a disaster. But I spent more detailed time on the link you provided.
    I am glad to say BlackHole seemed to have eliminated the echo we were hearing 1 min 37 seconds into the stream .
    Very happy.
    Thanks for your help Craig.

      • CraigSModerator
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      • CraigS
      • 3 days ago
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      Charles F. Ketcham You're welcome of course. BlackHole is very good, It's free like SoundFlower but better although maybe a bit more complex.

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