Working with a Zoom-created recording is unpleasantly slow

I created a new Screenflow workplace, matched to the dimensions of the Zoom recording I will import. ie 1920x1080 HD

I imported a Zoom recording.

  • The recording is 2hr 11 mins long920x1080 Mono 149 Mb MPEG-4 movie
  • Recorded with Zoom preference Optimised for 3rd part editing.

Then, something takes a long time. It seems some kind of transcoding is going on. In the imported recording thumbnail, there's a purple annulus cycling on and off.

In the Time bar, there is another purple indication moving slowly showing percentages.

I copied the recording into my timeline. Again, there's a pulsing, purple annulus.

I've saved the file. No problem,

It takes forever to edit anything, ie simple trims and cuts.

I don't recall having this issue with shorter Zoom videos from Version 8, of about 1 hour's length.

Ah.... Thinks!!!!

I wonder if the purple circle stuff is because a Proxy was being made. It's HUGE!!!! 42 GB.

I wonder if I should AVOID Proxies being created when I use Zoom movies as import?

Even so, now the Proxy is made, the edit process remains SLOW.


Computer hardware including screen size (Specific Mac Model) - iMac Retina 5K 27 Inch 201
• OS version (10.14.6)
• ScreenFlow version (9.0.5 (31579)) - Mac App Store version - NO
• external devices recording from and how are they connected to computer - NA
• Scratch disk location in preferences if it's hard drive record or playback issue - Edit issue
• Free hard drive space - 150 GB SSD
• Number of Monitors if more than one and screen size of each iMac + Samsung SMB2230 21.5inch 1920 x 1080 Radeon Pro 580 8GB
• Complete Export settings if it's an export or encoded file playback issue - NA
• Step by step workflow - as above.
• Source files used in your project.
• What you are recording. (What Program or Browser if relevant) - Recording produced by Zoom, with Zoom preference Optimised for 3rd part editing.
• Sequence running time. 2hr 11 mins
• Error messages if any - none

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