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   Has anyone noticed warnings on the YouTube control panel indicating your stream's data rate is too low?  Occasionally over the past several weeks, we'll get a notice that our data rate of "900 kbs" isn't very high enough and we should increase it to improve our quality.  Over the course of several minutes, the data rate increases from one level to another until the control panel notice indicates the data rate is excellent.  We're streaming at 5 Mbs at 1080.  From what I can tell, the quality of the stream looks fine despite the warnings.  Anyone experience this?


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  • Generally, if the stream looks good I'd ignore it.
    Wirecast, as an efficient encoder, will lower the data rate if it doesn't need the bits. Using unneeded bits to maintain a data rate that won't add to visual quality wastes bandwidth and computer resources. Of course, YouTube doesn't know this so it throws the low data rate warning. 

    For example, a simple video with little or no motion doesn't need as much data to maintain quality. Things like transitions, complex moving colors, fast motion (sports, games, etc) will need every bit you've asked for to maintain quality. So the final arbiter should be your eyes. YouTube is throwing a warning "just in case." Such as maybe a poor internet connection or may you really need more bits to maintain quality.

  • CraigS Is that basically adaptive bit rate?  I heard that term toss around by some other companies.

  • Brian Willis said:
    adaptive bit rate?

     That's most often HLS (HTTP) streaming to players. Switching bit rates based on the viewer's bandwidth.

    Wirecast doesn't stream HLS yet as that conversion is most often done server-side. 

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