2020 Black Magic Mini Monitor with switch 9.99 player

Hello can I play MP4 files in the switch player and output them HD-SDI 1080i on the 2020 Black Magic Mini Monitor? In addition can I embed or separate the audio to the computer sound card?

Thank you


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    Switch View>External Preview Device can go to the MiniMonitor. The source video must match a format that is supported by the external preview device

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  • Regarding Audio:

    Play Through External Preview Device Select to play audio through the selected External Preview device. Audio will only be played through the external preview device when external preview is enabled. Also, the video must match a standard broadcast format, otherwise audio will be played though the default system audio device

    Jim W said:
    In addition can I embed or separate the audio to the computer sound card?

     Please explain further. Do you want to send video only to the Preview but audio with the internal sound card only?

    Internal Speakers instead of External Device? It's a separate menu selection.
    You can Mute and Solo Tracks and Channels as well.

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  • Wow thanks for the quick and thorough reply. Heres whats up, I want to build an HD SDI player basically a computer with the Blackmagic mini monitor card as the output HD SDI to a Blackmagic production Switcher.

    The unit  is run to a video Switcher the audio is run to an audio board and then it goes to the switcher to be embedded into the Switcher output so on the player I would have a sound card or the built-in Sound audio run to the sound board and we would have the player playback the opening or the close of a show we record basically live to tape as they say live to file nowadays.

    The whole point  is it's just going to have its own player computer is not going to do anything else but play video to switcher when we kick it since MP4 is a good format I could make it any format but MP4 is a very common lightweight format I'm going to play the open closed and roll ins in mp4 so that about explains the project and my interest in your software.

    In radio this would be like a digital cart machine, but this is video so a Video cart machine! (:



  • Interesting use case. I've heard from others that would like to see Switch have more playback features such as playlists, etc.

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