my question es very simple

when i work on a video, the main work for me is cutting some sequences

the way i do this is a bit fastidious :

i press T a first time, then T again at another point of the vidéo

i select all the fields between the to T, i erase them

then i take the red grip (at the second T) and slide it to the position of the first T

sometimes i slide not well thereis a little space i have to cancel and remake it


is there a more automatic way to do that ?



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  • Perhaps there are other ways to accomplish what you want but ... I use the "i" and "o" keys to mark the beginning and end (or in and out) of a section I want to delete. Then I do command-return for a ripple delete: automatically moves the tracks over to fill the space once occupied by the clip I just deleted. 

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      Mathew Mitchell Yes Ripple Delete can be a major time saver.

  • Fantastic thanks a lot

    ps it is not command-return but command-left-erase (anyway it is in edit menu, the shorcut is indicated)

    is french users read this, it is : "supprimer avec comblement"

    super, great gain of time for me now…

  • Vincent Douce  As long as what you are doing works for you then that's all that matters. But what I use is Ripple Delete and it is indeed command-return. See screenshot below:

  • Or see below: 


  • no problem thansk for all

    ps : this key i call "delete" not "return" ;-)

  • Sorry about that. I do this process all the time, so I don't even look at the keyboard anymore! Ripple delete is great ... once you are using the corrrect keys. :)

  • yes ! so useful... real gain of time for me

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