Audio Out Of Sync On YouTube

I use virtual camera/mic out to stream to YouTube, Facebook, twitter etc.

For some reason the audio on YouTube is always out of sync.  It’s fine on all other playbacks (local, Facebook, twitter etc).  But the audio never lines up on YouTube.  

Has anybody else experienced this or figured out how to solve the issue?

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  • Using the Wirecast virtual camera / microphone to send the live stream to YouTube is a little unconventional. Do mind if I ask why you are using this workflow over using the YouTube output destination in Wirecast?

  • Typically video / audio sync issues in the live stream are caused by either insufficient internet upload bandwidth and / or high CPU usage. Even using the Wirecast virtual camera / microphone will have an impact on your connection and could saturated your network if your upload bandwidth is insufficient. 

  • I use "restream" software.  So virtual cam/mic out to restream, then restream broadcasts it everywhere.    I am on a dual cpu workstation.  My CPU load is 3%, and my upload/download is 85/85 so I dont think its either of those.

    The thing is, its not out of sync while live.  Its the playback that is out of sync.

    • Moxu Interesting. If I am understanding correctly, while the stream is live on YouTube it is in sync. Once the live stream ends and YouTube Studio turns it into a VOD, the audio is out of sync. What is the restreaming application / service that you are using?

      For a further investigation we'll need to replicate your workflow. Would you mind filling out a support ticket and one of our Wirecast support techs will work with you? You can either go to the Wirecast Help menu and select "Send Support Information" to create a ticket or go to our website ( http://www.telestream.net/telestream-support/wire-cast/contact-support.htm ).

  • Moxu said:
    The thing is, its not out of sync while live.  Its the playback that is out of sync.

     You may want to report this to Restream as well. They may need to check what they're sending to YouTube.

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