RTSP source Assitance

Hi Friends!  Very new user here.  I am looking for help getting a RTSP source into Wirecast.

Background: I am running Wirecast Pro 14.0.4. on a Win 10 PC.  I have a Sony SRG-X400 that has the option to send 3 rtsp unicast streams, as well as 3 multicast streams. I am able to access the camera's web browser for PTZ control with live view of the output via the same computer Wirecast is ran from.

I am having no luck when trying to add the camera's url to a Wirecast web stream source. 

Manual for the camera states:

The URL of each stream is as follows.
• rtsp://<camera_address>:<Port>/video1(Image 1)
• rtsp://<camera_address>:<Port>/video2(Image 2)
• rtsp://<camera_address>:<Port>/video3(Image 3)

I have tried adding the following to a new web stream with no luck:

rtsp:// 1)

rtsp:// 1)

rtsp:// 1)

rtsp:// 1)

This is a screen cap of the cameras Set up/Streaming Tab in its web browser.


This is a screen cap of the web stream input with one of first URL I listed. 


The camera has the option to use RTSP Authentication. I have disabled this as the manual states it could cause issues with other software.  I have tried all the URL's I listed with and without the RTSP Authentication username and password. Nothing has worked.

Most times when I select "apply", Wirecast shows "opening" beside STATUS for a good bit, like its trying to connect. Eventually it shows Error.

I tried accessing the stream using VLC player all the ways I tired with Wirecast (minus the RTSP authentication, and no luck there as well. 

I am aware that this is likely not a Wirecast problem, more of a user with a new camera issue. My hope is someone will take pity on me and share some experiences they have had as well. 

Thanks to Telestream for an outstanding product.  If i cant get this going, I can use the HDMI out from the camera and bring it into Wirecast via my internal Magewell capture card.

Thanks for your time folks!

mikey Blanchard

Ottawa Canada

Algonquin Commons Theatre

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