Audio Issues

Hi Guys,

I would like to know if anyone encounter these issues before? Recently i had 2 project that went bad after an audio issue. This really reflects badly on my company. I have been using wirecast for a long time and this is the first time i encounter this issue.


Issue 1:


I had audio sent back via SDi through my camera. It was a 2 camera setup and both camera carry their own audio and i use them as embedded. It was a 2 day job. Day 1 everything was fine. On day 2 the issue started with 1 of the camera when the audio just went missing. There is no audio on wirecast for that particular camera. We have checked that the source carry the audio but in wirecast it does not have the audio. I used back the same project file as Day 1 since its the same thing. Before the stream i did a test and everything was perfectly fine. If any one came across this issue before please advice on the work around. My CPU usage for the stream was 30% at peak.


My setup for this stream was:

MBP 2018 (macOS Mojave ver: 10.14.2)

2.6ghz intel i17

16GB ram

Radeon Pro 560x GPU

512GB storage

OWS Mecury Helios 3s Tb3 enclosure for BMD Decklink 8k Pro

Wirecast version: 14.0.4


Issue 2:


Issue during audio capture. I have screen capture of a zoom call. As usual i program the screen capture and the audio capture. I use blackhole for the audio route since my laptop is a T2 chip. Everything was fine during the test and i left everything as it is since i have done all the programming and even left the zoom call on while waiting for the stream to start. Once the stream started the audio just went missing. 

We have to take down the stream and i restart my laptop then added an audio interface to capture the audio from another laptop. Once again everything was fine till the stream goes life.

It is really frustrating to have this issues during a live session and to answer to my client. If anyone had encounter such issue please let me know how you solve the issue.

The CPU usage on the system was peak at 20% for this stream.


I hope to find an answer to this as my client are still questioning me on this issue even though its been a month.


Thank you

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