Multiple font styles in one text box

It would be great to be able to style the text in a single text box with multiple styles. Highlight the text and apply bold/italic/underline or a different font size to that highlighted text. At the moment it changes the font style of the entire text box. It would be really useful for creating quick namestraps with subheadings in a different style. The only way around this at the moment is to create multiple text boxes and style them independently which can get a bit awkward if trying to move around and line up quickly.

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  • Chris Reddall  don't forget to vote for your requests.

  • CraigS ... 馃え

  • Chris Reddall since my previous post about the to date lack of control of the type engine was deleted by Telestream, I'll leave you with at least the short term solution that the post included so you and anybody else trying to find something that will work can use.

    Use a browser shot and format what you need via HTML and CSS. At least it will give you inline styling and control. System fonts running locally will be able to be used in addition to any web fonts.

    cc: Lynn Elliott

  • Matthew Potter said:
    since my previous post ... was deleted by Telestream

    Sandy Henry - There are community rules and guidelines. Could I ask you to please consider an update to your policy to ensure that any deleted posts will include an explanation in a direct message of what community guideline rules were broken. I acknowledge there is a need for moderation, but that should never include deletion of posts without explanation.

    To be clear, I don't know if an explanation was provided. My comment is based on past experience, with posts that are critical of the user experience mysteriously vanishing without a trace, This needs to stop.

    Greg Kuhnert

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