Bug with titler going live unintentionally

As title says, I had weird bug, where my titler comes live with my selected nametag without me pressing my shortcut-key. ( I have bind for titler to go live and going away when pressed again)


I had 2 cameras and + randezvous guest connected. When I switched between my 2 cameras, I had my titler going sometimes live. For workaround I have to clear layer where my titler is and cant have it on "live" shot all the time.

I also had same bug that was mentioned in other post about titler no longer being visible in some shots and reappearing after switching shots. (It should just stay on top of shots while switching)


Im using newest OSX and newest Beta build for Wirecast.

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  • Are you using any other keys or selecting part of the Wirecast interface?
    Do you have an Elgato Streamdeck attached to your computer but not being used?

  • CraigS 

    No, I have only mapped "0") to play titler nametag. (changing hot key wont help

    And no I don't have streamdeck or other external buttons attached.


    I have camera 1 attached to mac via blackmagic design converter and camera 2 attached with magewell capture card.

    When I switch from cam1 to cam2, Titler goes live.

    If then I swap back to cam1 --> titler stays on top of shot.

    If I once again go from cam1 to cam2--> titler isn't showing even if titler itself says it is "live". (this seems like same bug which is mentioned in other topic)


    This problem doesn't appear with webcam or rendezvous connections.

    Only If I change from cam1 to cam2.

  • Sampsa Halmesaari Perhaps you can do a screen recording and post here so the developers can see when it is and isn't working and what you are doing.  They may need to see if there's a specific pattern.

    They'd want to see Preview and Live window and the shots on the Master Layers being used and you triggering the transitions.

  • CraigS 


    Here is the screen recording of the bug happening many times. I only use my mouse for every action so I'm not using any hot keys etc.

    Hope this helps to fix this bug.

  • Sampsa Halmesaari Thanks. That helps significantly.

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