Rendezvous Audio Delaying Not Present?

During the latest Wirecast in the Wild episode, it was noted that the audio coming from the remote person was not syncing up. When opening the audio configuration, it didn't look like there was an ability to delay audio like there normally is for sources. Is it missing or is it something that I simply didn't see?

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  • There are no audio delay controls for Rendezvous.
    That there was a sync issue is something that should be explored. If other guests were fine then maybe the issue was location specific.

  • CraigS Can I assume that "Provide the same audio tools to Rendezvous as every other audio sources" is a feature request? It's not something that should simply be expected to be there?

  • Matthew Potter said:
    Provide the same audio tools to Rendezvous as every other audio sources" is a feature request?

     Yup. That would be a feature request.

  • CraigS I'll await to do that until after the "love" you mentioned is being added. It's yet another thing that baffles me: a built by Telestream source type that has less functionality than other sources. 

  • Matthew Potter Let's hope you love the love. Some of these things are actually outside of Wirecast itself and developers sometimes work within confines.

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  • CraigS Let's name off the requirements to make this viable:

    1. 1080p video with 128kbps or 192kbps audio
    2. Higher quality video to guests (when available bandwidth)
    3. Built-in chat for participants (including hyperlink awareness)
    4. Ability to have the controller help select inputs (see Gnuralnet's implementation)
    5. Less CPU by simply having the window open
    6. Ability to mute / mix-minus anybody if they are live
    7. Better audio controls in Wirecast for that source
    8. When using replace on a source to swap out with a guest, the audio should NOT be re-enabled.
    9. Resolution of an existing rendezvous source should not go to 2499% upon reloading a document (guest and rendezvous not active but the source remains but at crazy scaling)
    10. If the resolution changes for a given rendezvous guest, the scaling and cropping should not effect the existing shots with the source
    11. Guest should have the ability to mute the incoming camera if bandwidth issues occur
    12. Host should have the ability to mute the outgoing camera if bandwidth issues occur
    13. Additional "rendezvous" placeholder shots used instead of specific named ones:
      • Pro = 7 placeholders to assign people to, Studio = 2 placeholders
      • Placeholders act as sources that are the canvas size and incoming video is scaled to them
      • Placeholders can be used to position, scale, crop, add adjustments to, audio control.
      • A guest can be assigned to a placeholder and their video and audio source is placed into all the pre-built shots.
  • Matthew Potter Keep in mind Rendezvous involves a server as well and any server work needed is in addition to work needed in Wirecast. 

  • CraigS yes. Yes it would. But rendezvous is a rushed to market idea from engineers who don't use the product and who ignored the beta testers ideas before the roll out. As such, you spent a lot of time doing support for it. Even the live streams from marketing didn't use it. 

    With all the bugs currently submitted along with your message that it's getting some love, here's to hoping that the whole idea gets a proper redo for how people need a solution.

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