Show Keystrokes not showing all keys?

So I just recorded a ton of tutorials. 5+ hours worth on a tight deadline. While editing them, I noticed that I can only see the modifier keys, and maybe some others like arrows and the delete key. I don't see any letters. So for instance, when I press Command+c all I see is the Mac command symbol, I don't see the c. I definitely have "Show Keystrokes" on and "Show all keys." I have tried switching from Show all keys to Show only modifier keys and then back again. No difference.

I have a really bad feeling about this, that maybe those keystrokes weren't recorded at all.

Is there anything else I can try? Is this a known bug?

I'm using Version 8.0 (31269) with macOS Mojave (18A384a) on a 2016 MacBook Pro with TouchBar.

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  • You're using a beta operating system that's not officially supported. Since beta operating systems are "moving targets" we can't finalize compatibility until Apple get to release candidates or gold master state. One should never do mission critical work using beta software.

    My recommendation is to move the project over to High Sierra. Since ScreenFlow recording depends on the OS/GPU relationship I can't guarantee that will solve the problem though. ScreenFlow 8 works fine on High Sierra (there's no issues with Showing Keystrokes) so it's likely the issue is with the beta OS and/or ScreenFlow's relationship to it.

  • Gary Rosenzweig  we have a potential workaround while we work on a ScreenFlow compatibility update.

    Add ScreenFlowHelper to the 'Accessibility' section of Security

  • CraigS Well, unfortunately, that's not possible as the tutorials I am doing are ABOUT Mojave. However, I am doing the editing and exporting on High Sierra -- I'm recording on my MacBook Pro with Mojave and then saving to my Mac Pro with High Sierra. So that tells me that the problem is definitely that the keys are not being recorded. Rats.

  • Gary Rosenzweig Try the workaround and see if that helps. If it doesn't work with the recording you've already made, test with a new recording after doing the workaround.

  • Gary Rosenzweig We've spotted this issue as well. Our internal reference FLOW-7792

  • Yes, that works for recording new videos. But, of course, it doesn't help with my existing ones 😞 So I'm facing either re-doing a week's worth of work, or maybe just deciding to go without the visible key presses. It will may mean a hit to the ratings on my course, but I'll probably have to do that.

    The sad thing is that I actually did "check" to see that keys were working when I started, but I guess I saw the modifier keys and didn't think to check others.

    (For others reading this, you find the ScreenFlowHelper by Control+clicking on the ScreenFlow app, Show Package Contents, then look in the Library/Loginitems folder. You can drag that into the System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Accessibility list).

  • Gary Rosenzweig I let the powers that be know of your situtaion and your email contact just in case. 

    You could build them as titles but of course I'd imagine that would be very time consuming.

  • Thanks. Yeah, there's no good solution for me I'm afraid. Thankfully, I do have this habit of calling out keyboard shortcuts while talking when they are important, so hopefully that will help.

  • Gary Rosenzweig Sorry about that. 

  • is there a way to show keystrokes in only specific sections of the video? Meaning I don't want to have be stuck in the all or nothing approach. 

  • Abdallah A. Agree with that. Trimming every part is not really a practical option. A custom callout for keystrokes we can type in would also be very useful.

  • Abdallah A. You can blade the clip and use the Action only on that section.

  • CraigS Not very practical since the keystrokes are repeated at times and sometimes not caught at all. At least this does happen on my MacBook Pro (2018) running Catalina and I have put both the apps into the accessibility section under security.

  • Nitin Chandra said:
    keystrokes are repeated at times and sometimes not caught at all

     That's an entirely separate issue/bug that we are investigating. It involves using Radar and its impacts on Keystrokes.

  • I filled out a form for this issue too. I use Radar along with keystrokes and the multiples are killing me. I've been working around it my manually adding the type, but as you can imagine, it's a bit of a nightmare. Looking forward to a fix for this. Thanks!

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