Auto-play file upon open?

Is there a way to make Switch automatically start playing a movie as soon as it is opened?

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  • You'd have to do a key command or spacebar to initiate playback. Given Switch's use as an inspector it is designed for deliberate control of start and stop for file inspection.

    Is there a reason why you would want it to automatically start playing files?

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  • My use case for file inspection involves checking a large number of files. As such, every efficiency is an important one. What may seem like a trivial keypress to you is amplified into a non-trivial inefficiency over hundreds or thousands of cycles.

    It makes sense that you would default to not playing automatically. But for a commercialized video playback application designed to support a variety of professional workflows, an option box in the preferences would be a welcome addition.


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  • Patrick Moynihan Thanks for the explanation. Please do make the feature request and be sure to explain the need so the developers understand why.

    Switch Feature Request Form

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