Object Selection for Partial Screen Recording

This may be the germ of a feature request for ScreenFlow. Please feel free to embellish as you will.

The current version of SnapzPro has an "Objects" option (alongside Screen, Selection and Movie) that detects and selects windows visible on the desktop. Unfortunately, this is only for static screen shots, not for video. 

So, if this were feasible in ScreenFlow, would anyone be interested in this being one of the partial screen recording options? It might be labeled "Object Selector" or something like that.

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  • ScreenFlow has a Callout with Foreground Window as an option. Of course this is done post capture. Perhaps something like that to define a capture object?

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  • Thanks, I hadn't thought of foreground status. Thus, I'd want to be able to select any window or other screen object and doing that would bring that window to the foreground. Then, the position and dimensions of that object would be used to define the partial recording area.

    Window selection should be easy but what about other screen objects such as dialogues, floating palettes, etc.

    Then there's the question of whether it  would be useful to be able to select multiple objects, including menu items.

  • I'm thinking of ScreenFlow's relationship with OS and GPU. Since it can isolate Foreground that might be an avenue.

    I'm not sure about selecting multiple objects since the capacity doesn't seem to be there. That would probably be a very different avenue to take and, I suspect, very difficult.

  • This feature request has been logged.

  • Thanks for that.

  • +1 to this. We want a more accurate way of isolating a piece of screen area for recording. Like isolating a foreground palette. You can't consistently scale a recording into a template time-after-time.

  • Ben Crotty But there's only 1 vote for this. User have to vote this up or developers will assume there's not much interest.

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