DP not seeing a Kramer VP-728 Scaler

Church installation WC 7.1 with Matrox card - we installed 2 new projectors through a new Kramer Switcher/Scaler and DP is not seeing it from the Mac running ProPresenter.  When it was going to only 1 projector, the choice would be available to capture the projector signal, but now it only gives screen shot or crop area choices

Installer says the problem is with the software not the scaler - so any ideas?  Very active in old forum as 'donsterdoss' - all of that is gone now so I can't copy and paste details of installation.

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  • I'd like to help but I'd rather not make any assumptions.
    Is it Mac to Scaler, to Matrox card to Wirecast External Display out to Projector or....?
    Matrox drivers updated?
    Matrox VS4 card or...?
    Have you checked the Matrox card in some other software. Perhaps it's not seeing the Scaler?
    Is the Scaler output settings compatible with Matrox input?
    How did your installer determine it was software and not Scaler or Matrox card?
    Where does Desktop Presenter come into play in this? Remote Desktop Presenter would capture a computer screen and send it via LAN so I don't see the relationship .

  • Hi Craig - Our setup detail was on the old forum and we have communicated quite a bit before... http://forum.telestream.net/forum/messageview.aspx?catid=44&threadid=12244

    We are running ProPresenter from a Mac, Wirecast is in another location running from Windows and a computer I built.  Matrox was just explaining our video setup and has nothing really to do with this discussion.  We have used DP to send Wirecast the image going to the projector so it is a Remote DP input - everything has worked very well for over 2 years.

    That is until we purchased 2 new projectors which included a Kramer
    Scaler and a distributor to send the signal to two projectors.  Before the change, DP listed the projector as a SOURCE choice to send to WC and all was well.  Now, DP doesn't see anything else other than 'Color LCD' and 'Window'.  We tried using a cropped window and zooming into the 'presentation' screen of ProP, but the image had really bad pixelation.

    The problem is finding a way for DP (on the Mac) to give us a choice in it's output selection that includes the video output signal from the Mac since it is not giving us the projector anymore.  The Mac communicated to the projector when it was directly connected, now it has to go through a scaler and distributor to get to the projector and it isn't giving me any choice.

  • Are you sending Mac to Scaler to Projectors?
    It's possible DTP that DTP does not recognize the Scaler as a monitor.
    Is the Mac HDMI output connecter to the Scaler?
    In Mac System Preferences Displays do you have Mirror enabled or unchecked?
    In Mac System Preferences Displays do you see the Projectors in the Arrangement tab?

  • Have  you tried to split to another display before going to the scaler/projectors? If possible...

  • Greetings 4 years later - everything has been working fine. I don't remember what we did to fix it - but now a connected problem is occurring. Now when we choose the option in the pic above the "VP-7xx" appears and usually gives us the image sending to the projectors.  But now we only have the Catalina background from the mac, not the image being sent to the projector.  Any ideas?

  • Don Doss You may need to check Catalina System Preferences Security & Privacy settings. Since we haven't changed anything it may well be the OS.

  • CraigS Good call Craig... Security & Privacy > Screen Recording > Desktop Presenter - FIXED!

  • Don Doss impacts many third party programs in Catalina, not just ours.

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