Rendezvous Dropped Audio Mid Stream - Very Frustrating

Far out, the issues with Wirecast continue!! 

To start with my audience could hear a slight echo on my guest's (Zander) audio and when I went to try swapping the outgoing audio feed Rendezvous completely dropped my audio source entirely! There was no way to bring it back, adding another source of the same audio did not fix it. The only solution: end the stream.

This is EXTREMELY lousy and again, just another example of how unstable Wirecast is! 

Here's the stream where it happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IA7gtntRoco&t=137s

Then when launching Wirecast again I still could not bring in my audio source! Had to cold boot my iMac and by then we had lost subscribers/viewers and ended up resorting to a Google Hangouts session instead.

So disappointed!!!

I let my audience down, I let my guest down and it was entirely Wirecast's fault.

I'm not touching Rendezvous again ever, Skype NDI source all the way.

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  • So Benon, this seems likely that it is what Jens Jarke and Greg Kuhnert were able to document in their "Wirecast in the Wild" episode 2 weeks ago, or at least seemingly related:

    https://youtu.be/slWFM6jy2Ys?t=2891 (starting timecode of 48:11)

  • Thanks Matthew. I just watched their stream and left a comment. Definitely the same issue, with 1 small difference, no matter what I did I could not bring my mic back live. Had to kill the entire stream. :(

  • Audio went unexpected away and came back the same way. Greg is very good at logging issues and nailing them down to the essenses. A lot of fixed in V 12 were inspired by him.

    Our combined show is send live with all the good and bad experiences. No recording, polishing or whatsoever. We want to show, explain, learn, grow with all of you. There is always a take away in participating.

  • Hi guys.

    Yes, indeed this has been a concern to me. Not just in the video reference in Wirecast in the Wild, but also in my regular broadcasts.

    It was 1 year since I started streaming, and we were doing our "birthday" episode. We had a special guest "Ken Heron" on the show, and had a great line up.

    At the start of the show, I intended to play a video clip with two items from the new Wirecast media library - a happy birthday background, and a backing track. I had already edited the above to a single MP4 file ready for playout. My producer pressed play, and it was silent.

    Later on, I had Ken Heron doing an interview, and I intended to play a clip of the first shows that he did - looking back at his start. Again, no sound.

    The new audio UI looks nice and shiny on the surface, but the underlying audio code is not stable yet.


  • Greg Kuhnert I assume you'll report that.

  • CraigS 

    CraigS said:
    I assume you'll report that.

    I had a 1 hour call with Sandy discussing this among other items. It was definitely one of the items covered. Sandy even did some video recordings demonstrating some of the Rendezvous audio related issues.


  • Greg Kuhnert I expect I'll hear the details at some point within a day.

  • Just had this happen to me today with version 14.3.3

    For normal sound we us Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio, but when we connect an iPhone via Rendezvous it's sounds works but the Scarlett then stops work all tougher.  Have to restart Wirecast to get the Scarlett back.

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