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Would like to stream to Facebook live on pages that are managed. I have purchased the iphone version for wirecast. But continually get the following when connecting: rtmp server did not respond to a connection request.

In facebook I have generated an rtmp key from the page which works in other programs. The url it gives is: rtmp://rtmp-api.facebook.com:80/rtmp/xxxxxxxxxxx?&ds1&a=yyyyyyyyyyyyyy (where x and y are the unique ids)

Does this need to be edited so that url is just rtmp://rtmp-api.facebook.com:80/rtmp 

Should the stream name be xxxxxxxxxx

and username be yyyyyyyyyyyy

I have tried different combinations, but still get the same error

Please could you define exactly what the settings should be from facebook live



stream name




Many thanks

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  • On your facebook page (computer) go to "Publishing tools" and select "videos"

    Click the "+ Live " button to create a new stream.

    You'll get a pop-up button with the credentials you'll need for the wirecast go app (you'll need the "Seperate Fields" part).

    Launch the Wirecast Go app on your IOS device, hit the red record button and under RTMP servers choose " Add New Server".

    Set up a new server up with the following details:

    Description: Facebook ( or choose your own)
    URL: rtmp://rtmp-api.facebook.com:80/rtmp/  
    Stream Name: add the" Stream Key" from the pop-up window
    You don't need to enter any lusername of password - the stream key is basically the "secret" that handles whether you have permission to stream on the page.

    Click "add" to save the stream in the app, and hit the stream name to start broadcasting to the new server.

    On your desktop computer click the "Preview" button in the right bottom corner of the pop-up window - this will show the feed coming from the wirecast app in a preview window. You can add video tags and a title to your stream. Once you're ready to go live, confirm by clicking the "Go Live" button.

    Although facebook doesn't allow pages to stream live video from their phone apps, this method allows you as a page owner to broadcast live video, and you'll get the same benefits as personal users- being that your followers will receive push notifications when you go live etc- very handy for getting a lot of viewer on board in a short amount of time.

    Facebook specifies that your stream key will only last for 24hours and you need to go live within 4 hours after hitting the preview button. Other than that, we tested this with an ipad mini and had a very steady stream and video latency was only a couple of seconds (depends on your broadband connection though).

    If you're still struggling with getting your feed out, check that your Firewall allows RTMP streaming- some ports may have to be opened up (I believe port 80 and 1935 for rtmp - but you may want to double check that...) or switch off wifi and test on 4G instead.

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  • Have you tried 

    rtmp://rtmp-api.facebook.com:80/rtmp/ and the stream key

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  • Thanks for that.

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  • Hi


    Thanks for this, I have tried these settings and it is connecting and showing a transfer rate in the wirecast go app.  On the facebook live popup to the left of Go Live button appears Event Logs which when click on says: Auth Token Validation Failure



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  • Filip De Clerck any comments or instructions to Paul D ?

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  • Paul, can you check that you have created a fresh key and doublecheck for typos (it appears to be case sensitive and make sure you don't switch 0 and O's - I made that mistake before)?
    The stream Key secret only remains valid for 24h and you also need to go live within 4h of previewing your content.

    Also I recommend to check that only 1 Facebook session is open in your browser at the same time and that you have no other unused (previous) live sessions already created within the last 24h. (Otherwise an older token may still be active for your page)

    Additionally I can also mention that Fb has recently added the ability to stream live in their "pages app" themselves - although I don't want to discourage people from using wirecast though...

    Other than that I have no more info to contribute I'm afraid...
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  • Filip De Clerck well done you are a rock star! it works for me now. Cheers

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  • Filip De Clerck Alguien me puede ayudar lo agradecería, como puedo capturar la cámara de mi iPhone 7plus a la trasmicion de mi ordenador ? 

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  • Max Álvarez En Wirecast 8, envíe el enlace Rendezvous al iPhone con el programa Wirecast Go instalado.

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  • None of this works! There is no preview button anymore! 

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  • Joe Bowman Please show me how you're setting this up in Wirecast Go. For example, to stream to Facebook you may need to use RTMPS rather than RTMP as the URL. Facebook is changing things as obviously Wirecast Go hasn't changed anything.

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  • Joe Bowman 
    Streaming works fine. You can see the preview in the middle and the stream stats on the bottom before I go live.


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  • CraigS 

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  • CraigS I don’t get any of that. What browser is that?

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  • Joe Bowman RTMPS may need to be port 443 so it might not be getting through.
    I used Safari (on Mac of course). As you can not only do I get a preview, it gives me data rate and frame rate.

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  • CraigS  I’ve tried 443, 80 and 1953 I think it is. None work on WiFi nor LTE or 4g. I guess I’ll drag out the old MacBook and try it on that. 

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  • Joe Bowman you could try RTMP which should still work for the time being.

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  • CraigS yeah, that didn’t work either. Gonna get my mac out of my van and try. 

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  • Joe Bowman Hmm, shouldn't be a Windows specific issue although browser can certainly be a factor

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  • CraigS well as I stated before, using a tablet with chrome and safari (iOS is updated so are the two browsers) and on a Windows 10 laptop and a Windows 7 using multiple browsers there is no preview button. I’ve seen the videos online of others browsers and they have a preview button. 

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  • Joe Bowman Don't use a tablet browser. It should work on Windows 10. Try Firefox.

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  • I tried Mozilla Firefox yesterday, no preview button. Getting the same on my Mac. No preview button. Ive scrolled up and down. Not there! 

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  • Even though there was no preview button, it worked with the Mac! 😃

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