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Would like to stream to Facebook live on pages that are managed. I have purchased the iphone version for wirecast. But continually get the following when connecting: rtmp server did not respond to a connection request.

In facebook I have generated an rtmp key from the page which works in other programs. The url it gives is: rtmp://rtmp-api.facebook.com:80/rtmp/xxxxxxxxxxx?&ds1&a=yyyyyyyyyyyyyy (where x and y are the unique ids)

Does this need to be edited so that url is just rtmp://rtmp-api.facebook.com:80/rtmp 

Should the stream name be xxxxxxxxxx

and username be yyyyyyyyyyyy

I have tried different combinations, but still get the same error

Please could you define exactly what the settings should be from facebook live



stream name




Many thanks

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  • Joe Bowman No I don't get a Preview button but I see the preview. It's as if the "Connect" screen is the preview screen.

  • Joe Bowman Tested on Windows 10 in FireFox. It works there for me as well (RTMP). It says Preview on top of the stream (no preview button same as it was on Safari)


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  • Ok. This is 2019. All of the posts of how to get onto live streaming on Facebook from Wirecast Go are outdated because of software updates. There is quite a few tips missing or that runs you into a dead end because recent updates of software has changed and the old way of broadcasting onto Facebook live no one has updated. So for those of you seeing above the outdated posts and then get to this post, you’ll be happy to see why a few of the above posts are somewhat obsolete and won’t get you on Facebook live with Wirecast Go!  


    My video will help you you a lot! I battled for days through Telestream support and they give you the same old song and dance of old info which will lead you to a dead end and no broadcast. 





  • Joe Bowman Thanks for that. If you don't hit Go Live you would see the Preview though. There's no Preview button as the Preview is shown on the page with the stream URL and stream Key.

  • CraigS SEE! Another trick came out of the rabbit hole! I haven’t seen that info out in any tutorial of Wirecast Go. 

  • Joe Bowman Facebook is a bit of a moving target with their changes.

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