In Screenflow 6, stereo audio defaults to mono

I recently upgraded to screenflow 6 and am not  big fan of this new feature where any stereo recording automatically defaults to mono (the panner on each channel is set in the center). I spent half an hour trying to figure out why everything was sounding horrible until I stumbled across this incomprehensible default setting. 

Its like making all screencaptures black and white by default and as a user we have to go in and color everything. 

Is it possible to disable this fancy new feature and make it work correct?? Like maybe if I record stereo audio, it would be nice not to mess it and leave it as is?

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  • The channels are panned hard left and hard right.
    This from my webcam with stereo audio.

    Channel 1 panned left

    Channel 2 panned right

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  • This would be center panned.

    Channel 1 Center Panned

    Channel 2 Center Panned

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  • I know what the difference is between center panned and hard panned.

    I record the audio from the computer not the webcam.

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  • I get the same panning when I record Computer Audio. I play a YouTube video in Safari and record it and the panning defaults Channel 1 left and Channel 2 right panned.

    Please provide a specific example that one can test for verification.

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  • Using Stereo Test Video on YouTube, you can see ScreenFlow recording in Stereo from Computer Audio and the channels are at their default channel 1 Left and Channel 2 Right. See attached file.

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  • The same thing happened to me. I was just contacted by my client, who had already made the video public and then received negative comments that the audio examples were not in stereo. When I checked the computer audio clips, they were panned center, something that of course I would never do intentionally, especially during a portion of the video where the voiceover touts "spacious sound." This is with ScreenFlow 6.2.1.

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  • Mattp as per my screenshots, did you check the panning in ScreenFlow?
    You can easily change the panning if need be.

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  • CraigS Yes, I checked the panning, and in my project, the offending clips were panned center, even though I had not intentionally set them that way, just as Rishabh reported. I subsequently set them hard left and right (after hearing from my client), but it would have been ideal if things had worked as expected from the beginning. Now, since then I have updated my OS to Sierra, and I am so far unable to reproduce the problem. But it happened. I don't expect you guys to fix a bug that cannot be reproduced, but if I am able to find a way to reproduce the behavior consistently, I'll post here again with steps to reproduce.

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  •  Mattp Perhaps it's an odd OS, file combination. Good that you haven't run into it again since upgrading to Sierra. Also note that ScreenFlow was just updated to version 6.2.2 so do test with the current version.

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  • Figured out how it happened. When using an external audio interface that is not class-compliant (one that has its own driver), apparently this can happen. I connected my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (2nd Gen) and did a screen recording. I checked the audio clip, and pans were set at center. I retested with a class-compliant (no 3rd-party driver) audio interface (Propellerhead Balance), and the pans were hard left and right as they should be. These tests were done with v6.2.2 and Sierra 10.12.4.

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  • Mattp Interesting find. Thanks for testing and thanks for reporting that. 

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  • I have this issue using the Apogee Duet running the latest version of Sierra and Screenflow. I think this should be an urgent fix as it's a complete mess and very time consuming for a professional user. 

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  • Keith as noted by Mattp in the previous post this happens when the device has its own driver. This wouldn't be a fix so much as a feature request to support independent drivers. This would require new work.

    LP  will document the feature request for you.

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  • @CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

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  • @CraigS

    Thanks Craig. I think this is more of a school boy error from the development team than a feature request :) Mind blown that they didn't test core functionality like this on external sound cards! 


    As always, you are proactive and a great help. Thanks for getting on top of this.

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  • Keith It may be testing and development priority. Testing devices that require third party drivers are much more complex because sometimes compatibility programming may need to be driver specific.

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  • Unfortunately confirmed that issue with SF 6 and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Recorded sound - MONO! :( I don' t need specific driver needed, just Core Audio.

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  • Andy Pavlovsky Did you put it in Class Compliant mode? Depends on Which 2i2 you have. Also you need to describe "Mono" which can be one channel, two separate channels center panned (you just need to pan them after recording) or one channel sent to two channels. Also you don't list specific version or OS which may be factors. Please update to ScreenFlow 6.2.2 and whether you're using macOS 10.11.6 or 10.12.5.

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  • CraigS  
    Ok. Sorry for my not perfect English - I'm Ukrainian. :)
    I've got Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen, which works in class-compliant mode on my Macbook Pro as by default, with NO drivers, simple plug-n-play device. So, I try to record screen while talking to mic (Scarlett CS25 MII) via 2i2. When trying to listen my voice I hear left channel only. I guess, Screenflow 6.2.2 have no options to choose input channel as it has Final Cut Pro X as example (Input Mono left channel, right channel and stereo signal). When I record voiceover into FCP I choose 'Left channel - Mono', so I can hear mono into 2 channels of headphones.
    So, make a possibilities to choose input channels NOT stereo by default!
    P.S. I solved that issue by.... SoundFlower the latest, but would want it from you out-of-box!
    Thanks for understanding! :)
    Your 3-yrs old customer from Ukraine

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  • Andy Pavlovsky If the device is sending two separate channels as opposed to muxed stereo, it's possible ScreenFlow might only be getting the first (left) channel. You may have to use the pan dial (see old post above with screenshots) to pan the left channel to both after recording.

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  • Andy Pavlovsky 

    Adjust the pan after recording.


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  • I actually I have this same issue and I'm on Sierra and Screenflow 6.2.2.

    The computer audio after recording comes out in mono and I have to manually pan hard left and hard right to correct it. 

    Does this have to do with my audio interface?  I'm recording computer audio from another program and the output is set to my audio interface.

    I've read all the replies above but still can't seem to pinpoint the source of the issue. 

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  • Fuad Murad The best way to determine the cause is eliminate variables. Remove the interface and any drivers it may use. Reboot. Try playing a stereo file in Quicktime X and capture your desktop in a new document. If you test with a YouTube clip in a browser (there are stereo test recordings there) and post link, we can test on our end. Odds are the issue is system related (driver, settings, etc).

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  • Hi.

    Just to add some color to this thread, I am using the 1st Gen Scarlet 2i2 from Focusrite as well as the Apogee Duet 2 for Mac/iPad/iPhone. Both are using USB connections to my iMac 5K running 10.12.6 beta. Screenflow version is Version 6.2.2 (29341).

    With both of these audio interfaces, I am able to record audio with no issue, but I do have to go back and set the audio and adjust the PAN settings so that stereo is heard post mix. 

    The Scarlet and the Duet both seem to use CoreAudio and don't have dedicated drivers. 

    While it would be great if the audio settings automatically set stereo output, but knowing that I can adjust the left channel pan settings to get stereo out is a solid work around.

    Glad to know that this is an option.

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  • Shawn Hank Thanks for that. There should be more audio improvements coming. The developers are paying attention to this.

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