Screenflow won't record Computer Audio

Alright, so currently, I am using Screenflow 7.1 on my own MacBook which as of now has MacOS Catalina. Everything there works fine, but except for the computer audio recording thing. When I attempted to record computer audio, the computer audio output doesn't even come out. I had the driver for the computer audio already installed and the computer audio option already being there.

Is there any way to fix this? I would appreciate it


- Sam K, an autistic video maker

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  • ScreenFlow 7 isn't compatible with Catalina. As of ScreenFlow 7.3 we introduced a new audio driver due to changes in Apple's hardware (the T2 chip in most new Macs) and changes in the OS which discourage the kind and location of the driver we were using previously (in the version of ScreenFlow you're trying to use).

    The easiest test you can perform is playing a video with audio in Quicktime or a YouTube video in Safari. If that doesn't work you should probably download the current version of ScreenFlow 8.2.4 and try that.

  • CraigS Just tried recording a YouTube video in Safari. Didn't work.

    I may test Quicktime soon

  • Samuel Arcangelo Kosch That may confirm the compatibility issue. With the new driver that would work. You should test the free trial of 8.2.4.

  • CraigS Or what if rather than upgrading, would uninstalling and reinstalling the driver work?

  • Samuel Arcangelo Kosch You can try that and see if it works. You could also try downloading 7.3.2 which uses the new driver even though it's version 7.x  See this page and go to Previous Versions at the top.

  • Can't record computer audio it was working 2 days ago Ver. 9.01(31501) why?

  • Doc Not sure without any further explanation. Obviously ScreenFlow hasn't changed (current version is 9.0.3 and not sure why you haven't updated). You'd need to describe what your doing, the OS and the Mac model. 

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