Wirecast 13 Beta Build July 25, 2019

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Release Notes attached.

(See end of this post for links to the latest 12.x build - in case you want to roll back)

Be sure to post your feedback in the Beta Discussion Thread


Hello Wirecast Users!

We are happy to announce the Wirecast 13 public beta. This release is a little bit of everything, but a lot about improving the resiliency of Wirecast and setting the stage for future development by reducing and updating old code. There are a few very cool improvements and additions, which we hope you’ll love. But just as important, there are a lot of under-the-hood code changes, which ultimately make it easier for us to maintain and support future updates, and that also improve stability and responsiveness of the app.

The result of this, is that we’ve touched a lot of code, in a lot of areas of the app.

So, we are humbly asking for your help! We have, of course, had our QA department go through every area of the application and test the most common workflows that we support, and there are a few known issues with this beta. But you - being the enterprising and creative bunch of live streamers that you are - use multitudes upon multitudes of workflows and devices. We can’t possibly test them all (at least in this decade with the resources we have…).

So, we’d really like you to use Wirecast 13 BETA in your existing workflows and let us know if you see any issues. We’d especially like you to put it through its paces using the Master Shot Display layers – like adding and deleting shots, dragging them around, resizing document elements, playlist functionality. Also we want to hear about what you’re seeing around the performance and stability around live icons.

Here's a rundown of what's in this release:

PLEASE NOTE: Wirecast 13 uses a different document type. If you save your document in Wirecast v13 BETA, you will not be able to open it in previous Wirecast versions.  We suggest you save your Wirecast 13 documents under different file names to avoid over-writing your existing Wirecast documents.

New & Improved:

  • Master Shot Display overhaul – We’ve done a complete refurbishment of our Master Shot Display (that’s the layered area where you add all your shots.) We’re excited about a lot of under-the-hood improvements that reduced our code bloat, which you’ll have to trust us on. But what you will see is:
    • Greatly improved responsiveness when selecting and reordering shots, resizing windows and scrolling. It’s now smooth like buttah.
    • GPU accelerated live icons so you can see live previews of all your live shots, without hosing your system CPU.
    • Refreshed and decluttered user interface – like Feng Shui, but for software.
    • A bunch of other small but daring improvements like being able to reorder your master layers and more layer resizing options … oh, the power!
    • Speaking of resizing layers: We’ve added a “Zoom Layers To' menu under 'Layout' so you can set all your master layers in one fell swoop. AND now you can resize all your layers at the same time by holding down the Shift or Alt (Win) or Shift, Option or Command (Mac) keys. PLUS! Extra added bonus: If you double click a layer divider, your layer will resize to its default height. Boom.
  • BlackMagic Designs and Direct Show source process separation– We have been working hard to improve the resiliency of Wirecast when dealing with sources. We have updated our code for sources, which for us makes it easier to maintain and support future source updates. You won’t see a lot of obvious changes yet in usability – but this helps us set the stage for future improvements.
  • Integrated Facebook Speed Test - New option in Facebook output settings "Optimize Connection" initiates a Facebook Speed Test to Facebook’s various regional ingestion servers to determine the best choice.
  • PTZ control over NDI - This should allow all NDI PTZ cameras supporting movement controls over NDI to be fully usable in Wirecast. We have not tested every possible NDI PTZ device, but due to the standardization of NDI, all should work.
  • MacOS Dark Mode - We’re going dark. Or at least you can choose to now.
  • LinkedIn Live Error Tracking - We improved the error tracking when streaming to LinkedIn Live.
  • Preference Pane additions - We’ve added more options to the preference pane to give you even more decisions to make, including the look of your shot display, turning GPU Accelerated Live Icons to “Highest Framerate”, “Reduced Framerate” or “Disabled”, and other settings that give you ultimate omnipotence (at least within your own Wirecast document).
  • Streamlined Buy link - Clicking on the 'Buy/Upgrade' item under 'Help' now opens the web store directly instead of taking you on a leisurely walk-about through another page or two. We’re saving you time.
  • Coming soon- Warm and fuzzy analytics invite - We made our analytics opt-in pop-up more warm and fuzzy. We really hope you'll help us by opting in to analytics!


  • WIRE-16088 – Fixed a bug that didn’t let you assign a hotkey to a shot that's been duplicated.
  • WIRE-16079 – Fixed an annoying issue where dragging in unsupported media created a temporary shot which overlapped the clear layer icons.
  • WIRE-16074 – Squashed a crash that happens when opening a document from Explorer/Finder, completing the analytics dialog, then opening and closing the prefs.
  • WIRE-16050 - When you upgrade from Wirecast One, your master layers will also upgrade accordingly. This wasn't happening, which could cause you to think you hadn't upgraded.
  • WIRE-16049 - Fixed a bug where setting audio channel to both L and R made you think you had to upgrade to Wirecast Pro. Sorry.
  • WIRE-16027 - When you upgrade from Wirecast One, you'll now be able to access Wirecast Studio or Pro help and User Guides.
  • WIRE-16026 – Now, you can’t reorder a shot on a layer to be before the special Clear Layer shot.
  • WIRE-16014 - When you create a Twitter shot, it will no longer automatically be added to Layer 3. You now can choose.
  • WIRE-15993 - We re-enabled UI keyboard navigation on Mac, so you can again tab between controls.
  • WIRE-15920 - Changing the opacity and subsequently hiding and showing the layer in the Shot Layers tab no longer reverts the opacity back to 100%. Opacity now stays the same as whatever it was set to previously…as it should.
  • WIRE-15853 - Now when you click on the info button to learn about our usage data policies, it takes you to an actual page - not a 404 error.
  • WIRE-15782 - The preview video no longer freezes when you open up source properties, so you can see changes being made live, which is of course the purpose of the preview window.
  • WIRE-15780 - Fixed an issue that caused signal degradation for NDI Sources with Live Icons enabled.
  • WIRE-15758 – Fixed an embarrassing oversight that caused a coder-level label to display when setting Exposure Levels settings in PTZ Controls.
  • WIRE-15735 - Fixed a bug that would cause audio to not be restored when reconnecting to NDI Sources on Windows.
  • WIRE-15715 - Fixed an issue streaming RTMP to specific URLs.
  • WIRE-15395 - When Mac users tried to use Rendezvous with a Studio or Trial license, we did not serve up the proper pop-up window to explain next steps.
  • WIRE-15386 - Fixed a rare crash on Windows. Yeah – that.
  • WIRE-15340 - For users on Windows 10 Creator Studio with DirectX12 installed, our installer doesn’t fail for you now.
  • WIRE-15315 - Fixed a bug that caused an error when streaming RTMP to Limelight.

Be sure to post your feedback in the Beta Discussion Thread



Here are quick links you can use to roll back to the latest released build:

Links to the Wirecast 12.2 installers:



Or visit our Download page to find installers for previous builds: https://dynamic.telestream.net/downloads/download-wirecast.asp?prodid=wirecast

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