ScreenFlow 8 - Font rendering issues...

I've been using ScreenFlow since V2. (Currently 8.2.3) In the last 2 versions (7 and 8) I've been having consistent font rendering issues, currently creating open captions using Arial Narrow and using the same font, format, size and settings for years on a client video series. Lately when rendering, it's like each character of the font is incorrectly rendered. It displays perfectly in ScreenFlow and used to render perfectly as well. Any insight as to what has changed with how fonts are dealt with? Image attached showing the appearance of type in SF Interface, current render, and former render. The spacing difference is that in order to try and resolve the issue, I was messing with kerning to no avail. (That's why the old render appears wider, but the kerning makes NO difference in the render issue...) any help would be appreciated. I'm having this issue on about 80 videos at the moment, that I will need to fix and re-render.

I'm hoping the image I upload doesn't get too much additional compression and can be viewed at 100%.

Thanks for any insight and suggestions... I'm on Mac 10.14.6, but this has been a problem since prior to Mojave and is STILL a problem on my machines that are running the Catalina beta as well. I'm flummoxed.

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