Data Usage Estimates

I'm trying to estimate data usage for each guest of a rendezvous session but I don't know if I'm doing it correctly.

For example, I will have 2 guests for 1 hour. The guests will be using android phones and LTE internet connections.

According to the rendezvous best practices document, 2 guests should have 4-5 Mbps up and down. So:

4.5 (suggested bandwidth per guest)

* 2 (each way) 

* 60 (seconds -> minutes)

* 60 (minutes -> hour)

/ 8 (bits to bytes)

/ 1024 (M -> G)


~4G (per guest)


Is this accurate? It feels high but...

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  • Bandwidth per quest will scale downwards as more are added...
    So it may vary. It may vary even for a single guests. It's better to err on the high side given one want overhead.

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  • You may want to run a 10 minute test and the guests can check their individual bandwidth usage. Real world tests are always the best.

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