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As I look at my shot setup that I am using, I am using one shot per video that I want to play out. That works if just doing a full screen, but sometimes I need to change to a view of that shot that might for example be a virtual set. At the moment, I just overlay another copy of the mp4 in another layer with different geometry.

If I only have one MP4 that I want to use in a broadcast, that works. But, if I have 20 videos I want to use, that quickly gets troublesome to have two shots per video.

I did a previous feature request to have "angles" within a shot, with the ability to switch between angles. If that were built - that would halve the problem - but not eliminate it. Still 20 shot buttons for 20 videos each with a different MP4 source.

A friend of mine uses VLC and screen capture from a 2nd monitor. That works - but it is messy. After the video is shared - you see the wirecast desktop on the screen briefly before cutting back to a regular shot view.

There is a VLC to NDI plugin for Windows that is perfect. But this is not available in OSX. I did see a Syphon version of VLC, but it was buggy and kept crashing.

What other ideas do people have that would allow an input from a video player like VLC to be visible in a couple of shots with different resolution? If this were available, it would greatly simplify the setup for a show - allowing re-using of a template week after week for a regular show.



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