Camera Audio Got Me AGAIN

I just sent this request, but I got burned again by camera microphones. I use a mixer for my audio, and I don't want the camera's mic to be turned on. Yet, if you forget to turn the mic off, you're screwed with the echo and clipping. 

I just asked if a setting can be added to Preferences that - when checked - will add the camera and turn off the mic. That way, users can choose what they need. 

It ruined a live stream I had. Luckily, I have followers that alert me to these situations. Still, my unboxing video is pretty much hosed. Watch for yourself (queued up). 

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  • Make sure you've included the link to the example of the issue and your description of how you would like it to work. Otherwise add that after you get the case number.

    For others who want to send in a request for this as well.
    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • Already got a response, which was a little concerning... 

    Wirecast does not recognize the audio source coming from the camera, unless it is a USB webcam. In most setups, it is brought in via the capture card, or, like in your case, the mixer.

    When you add a shot from the new camera, what is listed as the Capture Device you are selecting?

    I was using my NDI Spark, which will capture audio from the Sony HDR camera I was using. Besides, I wasn't expecting a troubleshoot session as I put in a Feature request.   

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  •   jeff You may want to test with Newtek NDI Monitor. Keep in mind NDI and Spark is Newtek technology so you may want to ask them questions as well. It's possible it could be an API related issue that impacts third party developer implementation.

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  • as an aside, while I'm guilty of having run into this same issue and have at times wished this feature existed, it's also negated by taking the extra time to do a proper technical rehearsal before hand as well :) (though i do understand there are some rare instances where that's not possible)

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  • Christopher Darbro If you'd like, do submit the feature request using the previously posted link.

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  • jeff That “Wirecast does not recognize audio source coming from the camera, unless it is a USB webcam” is clearly an alternative fact. My Mini Recorders (SDI or HDMI to thunderbolt uncompressed video in) absolutely carries the audio BY default into the setup. You may want to respond to the person who responded with that and have them try using the product. It’s been this way since version 5 or 6 at least… It is something that I too need to be cautious of as well. You should know though, that if you use the small icon in the shot, you can disable the audio from that all-together rather than having to click the cog, wait for the system to catch up and open the fly out window, then deselect the checkbox beside the input name.

    Ironically, the way Wirecast works is the opposite of what you were told. USB Webcams by default DON’T carry their audio with them, it’s treated as a separate input device.

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  • Matthew Potter We may need to look at making all this easier to spot in the UI. It certainly can create confusion with some people. If you're familiar with the devices you use regularly you just should know to look.

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  • I am going to take another run at it. My biggest frustration is the response saying "No it's not". I see others having this problem, so I made a graphic hopefully explaining the issue and a simple resolution. 

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  • jeff That certainly looks like an interesting preference idea. Make sure you submit that feature request with the screenshot to make it clear what you want and why.

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