Update Replay vs Mark Replay

Can you tell me the difference between "Mark Replay" and "Update Replay"?


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  • Mark Replay Hotkey sets the hotkey to allow you to mark the start of the Replay Shot. Basically it sets the In point.
    Update Replay ... updates the Replay not just the in point. 
    Set the Replay to show in Preview and it might be easier to see the difference.

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  • I'm confused, if I set an in point won't the replay will be as long as it takes to get to the point when I hit create a replay? UNLESS it exceeds the 30 seconds  or whatever i have set for the default length in which case I guess it stops or updates the in point automatically? But really if I'm hitting that mark before what I see as a potential replay then it would most likely always be way less than 30 seconds unless I need a lot of extra footage after the play. And if I decide not to create a replay shouldn't it just carry on and delete the clip after the default 30 seconds? OR does update replay move the default out point down 30 seconds from that point or whatever length I set in the configuration?

    Do you understand my confusion? 

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  • George Giles See this. Shift 1 is Mark In. Shift 3 is Create. Shift 2 is Update.
    Update keeps updating the same Replay Shot. Mark In and Create creates a New Replay Shot with a new In point.


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  • I still don't get what it's doing. Is it moving the default out point down to align with the new mark in point?

    What is the point of trying to update a replay shot you've already created? All you would have to do is just not create a replay and keep hitting the mark in point  then only hit the create replay when something happens worthy of replaying 

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  • George Giles Update, updates on ongoing Replay shot. Mark In sets the input for a New Replay shot. It really depends on your workflow as to which you use when. Use which ever options suits you. 

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  • Please define an "ongoing replay shot" 

    Isn't an "ongoing replay" and a "new replay" the same thing since neither one are replays until you hit the create replay button?

    Just answer this, does the "Update Replay"  button change the in point or the out point?    

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  • George Giles When I hit Update you can see the same replay has a new input. 
    If you hit Mark In nothing happens until you create a new shot.

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  • But hitting mark In gives you a new in point as well whether you can see it live in the preview monitor or not(i'm assuming you meant inpoint and not input correct?)

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  • George Giles Having it live in the Preview allow you to go live with it immediately. Mark In doesn't change the shot in Preview whereas Update does. It really depends on your chosen workflow. 

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  • Okay, I think it might be better not to have it live until I actually create a replay since that's when I need it. And since it automatically goes to preview after hitting create anyway, I see no benefit to using update. In fact it could be a problem since more times than not I won't create a replay and then I'll have to take it out of preview. 

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  • George Giles It's just a choice after all. Some people see a use for it, others not. Chose what works for your.

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  • CraigS Yea, well if that's what it's there for, it really seems like an odd feature. I know we'll never use it. Seems like software developers don't spend enough time with people who actually use the software. If they did, they probably would have made the replay template work like it did in 6 instead of making that rather useless update feature. That said, I do like the improvements a lot and Telestream is the most stable software for this stuff. I'm just hard on everyone, it's a curse.   

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  • George Giles Often features are added if there's interest expressed from a contingent of users but it may be a very small sampling. This is why filling out the Feature Request Form is important (influential). 

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