Video is Flickering from Skype input

I have used Skype for about two years now, so my co-host in a different city and I can share the screen. I am running the latest version of Wirecast (9.0.1) and am running a Mac Pro Quad. Recently, the Skype input is flickering (example link below). The video is not doing this in Skype, so I have to assume its Wirecast. Any suggestions on what's going on here? In the example I give, as soon as our starter image fades out you'll see the right hand side video flickering. 


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  • Were you using Wirecast ScreenCapture or a second computer with Remote Desktop Presenter or NDI screen capture?

    Wirecast ScreenCapture is using the GPU. It's also possible other programs running on the same computer (and using the GPU) might be having an impact.

    You may want to reboot the computer and run a test with Wirecast ScreenCapture (it doesn't have to be with Skype and you don't need to stream live). Just look and Preview or LiveArea and see if it happens.

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  • I was using a screen capture. 

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  • Caleb Hegg Thanks for that. Do reboot and run the suggested test to see if it happens under those circumstances.

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