.mp4 video files not usable, but here's a solution

We continue to see spinning ball delays and usually complete freezes in every Screenflow project (v7.3) that contains any .mp4 video file.  

The fastest and surest solution we've found to completely eliminating the crashes is to open each .mp4 file in QuickTime, then File: Export as...,  choose 720 or 1080, and this will convert the file to a .mov

Not sure what's so cool about .mov file clips but they instantly become usable, scrub-able, fast, stable, and make all the projects work again flawlessly. 

Many of the .mp4 video files (news clips, quotes, etc) come from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. For YouTube clips, the best app is the free ClipGrab, which does offer different Formats, such as Original (which is almost always mp4), WMV, and OGG Theora. I've yet to test out the latter two, since this .mov trick works so smoothly. 

Just reporting in, in case others have similar work flows, and are wondering how to get around .mp4 madness. 

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  • .mp4 and .mov are just containers. The codecs, even if they're H.264, can vary in difficulty to decode. That ability is also dependent on the computer's own resources.  The easiest files to playback (although very large) are Apple ProRes files as they are simple to decode even on older Macs.

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  • Thanks, Craig. We were using your tip from last year on converting clips into ProRes through the Handbrake app. We just found this QuickTime-to-.mov quite a bit faster, and so far, it's working very well.  Always appreciate your replies and help. 

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  • Scott You're welcome of course. 

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