ScreenFlow 7 - Add to Timeline at Scrubber

Using ScreenFlow 7  (29693) from Mac App Store. 

When using the option to add multiple clips from the Media Library (or from the new option in the save clip dialog box), ScreenFlow 7 is adding the clips sequentially onto a single track? 

This is different from ScreenFlow 6 as the clips are added in parallel across multiple tracks. This is the way I would expect it to work as when adding synchronised audio and video clips, you want them to line up at the scrubber.

As it stands now, I have to drag the clips into different tracks to line them up. Please tell me this is a bug or there is a hidden setting that I can switch on to fix this. It's a huge time waste.



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  • I don't know if there is an option to do what you want. The new multiple dragging behavior was changed based on requests during beta testing. 

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  • Specifically if someone wants to do something like create a simple slideshow, then the  new behavior is much better. There's probably a case for having both options as your described usage makes sense. 

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  • Don McAllister Can you explain what your source clip situation is in more detail? If you have video and and audio clip you could drag them in separately.  Granted they would simply stack in ScreenFlow 6.

    Do you have multiple video and multiple audio clips? In 6 they would all "stack" on separate tracks which also would be problematic.

    Perhaps there's something we need to look at but knowing the specifics of your workflow would be good.

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  • CraigS Hi Craig, So my normal situation when recording a 40 minute screencast is to record in short segments, rarely over 2 minutes long. That way I can keep the tutorial focussed and keep up the energy level. It's also easier to edit as I go.

    My usual setup involves recording a desktop and a separate audio track via my USB Mic. I also do record iOS devices as a third clip.

    SO in screenFlow 6, I would save all three clips recorded in the same session into the library. Position the scrubber where I wanted, and add the three clips simultaneously into the timeline using "Add to Timeline at Scrubber" The three clips would be added stacked, and all would be in Sync. 

    When recording, I leave the scrubber at the end of the timeline so that I can progress quickly and was delighted to see the option to add newly recorded clips to the timeline directly from the save dialog. However, the default behaviour of adding three "parallel" clips sequentially on a single track seems wrong to me. So now I have to find the second clip and drag under the first, then find the third and drag under the second. 

    Do this 30 times in succession and it gets very annoying!

    I find it difficult to understand why you would change the default behaviour from ScreenFlow 6 and would request that you at least put an option in to choose between placing clips in sequentially or stacked. 

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  • Don McAllister Thanks for the clarification. That's a very good example where the version 6 stacked behavior is more desirable. Perhaps this should be a user option one can change while editing. That would be an interesting feature request.

    LP  can document the request for you.

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database.

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  • Thanks. I’ve had to revert back to ScreenFlow 6 until this issue is resolved. Still can’t believe it was ever thought a good idea ;) Serves me right for not being more active in the beta. 

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  • LP Thanks for that.

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  • I have exactly the same issue. I've been using Screenflow for many, many, years. I've probably recorded a few hundred hours of tutorials for our clients and yesterday was the first day I used my updated version. This sequential placement is a real pain. I'm recording my screen, and my audio at the same time. Like a live performance. In the past, I simply dragged those clips together and they would always stack with audio on one track and the screen video on the other, stacked so they were already aligned. Now every clip is linear and I have to manually shift every cut.

    Here's where this is the biggest pain. Not only am I losing a load of time syncing these up. But I often narrate notes to myself like "recut this part" or "rerecord and say (insert product) more clearly". So when I cut out that stacked audio/screen video by splitting the play head. I can go record a new cut of that edit, drag it in, and see how it fits in the hole. But with the linear placement my edit workflow would push everything out. So now I have to drag in one piece at a time, line them up, and then edit.

    I have always loved screenflow and praised it as a tool to many in my field. But this is the first time I've really struggled with it. 


    PLEASE Make an option where we can choose if it works in the "classic" drag fashion or the "modern" drag fashion.

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  • Mark Heaps Thanks for those details. Knowing the workflow challenges can help us understand user needs. LP can note it.

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  • I agree - When I record a clip with audio + video, it's logical that I want those two clips to be stacked/syncd. 

    Like  Don McAllister - I record long videos by doing short takes, and the extra repositioning step necessary in Screenflow 7 adds up.

    Screenflow 6:

    1. Record a clip

    2. Add video + audio to timeline


    Screenflow 7:

    1. Record a clip

    2. Add video + audio timeline

    3. Reposition audio so it's parallel with video


    For a video + audio screencast there's no case in which I would want to video to play and then the audio to play. I understand why this behavior might be useful if you were building a slideshow, but isn't this software primarily designed for recording screencasts?

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  • Susan Buck we may need to keep both types of users  satisfied so we are investigating. 

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  • I agree with what others are saying here. I just upgraded to ScreenFlow 7 and this is the first thing I noticed. Will definitely slow down my workflow and might consider switching back to 6 for now. Hopefully fixed soon!

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  • Really I just can't believe this. Surely whenever you record a video and audio track from two sources you always want them to stack. I've made dozens of exam review videos for school over the past many years starting with screen flow 2 and this seems to be the first time that audio and video don't get added to the timeline in the obvious way. I was so pleased doing me first one with 7 this morning that the option to select "add to document" option is now sticky so I don't have to re-select it after every clip and thought the add direct to timeline check box was going to be a great time ever too - then I found that it doesn't add to the time time as it should - oh dear - one step forward and three steps backward. I do hope you can come out with a fix for this soon it is going to be a real pain to have to drag every one of around 60 clips into position each time for a full exam. Can the software not recognise when two or more clips are audio and video of the same 'clip' and treat them accordingly. 

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  • Hey CraigS  or LP  - it's been a few months and we're still struggling with this issue and more people are scratching their head wondering why on earth this "feature" was introduced. Any sign of a resolution?

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  • Don McAllister They're still working on it.


    Don McAllister said:
    wondering why on earth this "feature" was introduced.

    Many users were doing photo montages and each source would create a separate track when they really needed them to be made sequentially. So one set of users where helped but we found another set of users inconvenienced. So we now have to solutions for both sets of workflows.

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  • CraigS   LP I'm so with  Don McAllister on this.  I just finished a 45 minute video with probably 75 clips and every single one of them had to be added to the media library and then every single time I had to drag the video down then go back to the audio and drag it down. 

    I'm pretty sure this app was designed for screencasting. If a few people are doing photo montages where they want to put in images, the original way (for years and years) was designed for your target audience.

    Unbelievably frustrating workflow now.

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  • Allison Sheridan Sorry about that. The developers are listening.

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  • I use this software, like many others, to create a screencast tutorial for my students. This is usually a longer tutorial made in smaller clips. I share in the concerns mentioned above, but I've also been amazed that there isn't an auto add for the audio and video to add at the end of the time line, if you are recording in ScreenFlow. It would make sense that what you are recording would be in sequence, could you also look into adding that feature. the workflow would be 

    1. record using screenflow

    2. choose file to add recording (audio and video)

    3. append new recording to the end of the current timeline.

    You could then go back and move things around later and obviously it would be fine if it was setting for some users. but it seems ridiculous that if people are making 75 small recording that they would automatically be added to the end of the project they are constructing.

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  • Josh Nixon Absolutely make the feature requests for ScreenFlow workflow and interface improvements. Please fill out the form. The developers are working on improvements an they want to hear feedback and requests from users.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • My workflow is nearly identical to   Don McAllister and many of the others on this thread. I reported this issue months ago and was told that the sequential track placement was introduced to help users position slides sequentially. While that may be someone's workflow, it's definitely not mine. And based on the responses in this thread it sounds like many others have had their workflow broken by this new "feature."

    I was disappointed to see that this still is not fixed in 7.2. It seems to be so obviously wrong.  Especially if the feature was added at the request of a single tester.

    Meanwhile, I'm using Screenflow 6. And I'm slowly coming to the realization that I may need to look elsewhere for the long run.  I produce a lot of training videos and I can't rely on an old piece of software to run my business.

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  • I was also disappointed that this was not added back in with the new release :(

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  • It may be a bit more complex than simply adding it back it. The developers are most certainly listening. If anyone hasn't filled out the form yet, please do so. The number of requests do make a difference.

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  • Per CraigS's request, I submitted a support ticket through the linked page in this thread. Today I received a response from support informing me that this feature has, in fact, been added to Screenflow 7.2 

    To get the old behavior back you need to hold down the shift key while dragging the audio and video clip onto the timeline.  

    Ticking the "add to timeline" box after recording a clip still adds the audio and video sequentially.

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  • Kirk Biglione Thanks for reporting that.

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