Importing an mov file

How can I import an mov file. Sees like a feature it should have?

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  • Please do watch the tutorials on the right side of the page.

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  • Craig,

    John Petze asked how to import an MOV file. But you showed how to import a jpg. This goes to the problem I was speaking about in another thread. How can you import an MOV file or AVI file without it becoming distorted ? I have found that I can import it to the media area, but when you try to place it on the timeline it becomes distorted and squeezed. 


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  • Alan Feller MOV files are imported the same as any other media. Codec compatibility is paramount. MOV and AVI are containers, not codecs. 

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  • I'm actually having issues with mov files in Screenflow 7. Whenever I export a .mov from After Effects and bring it into Screenflow, it appears in the library but nothing actually shows. I have to open the mov in Quicktime, save it as a converted mov, and then it works. This wasn't an issue in Screenflow 6. Any idea why this is happening now?

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  • Jacob Hidas MOV is a container which can contain any number of codecs. If you're exporting Animation codec, Apple has deprecated it so it no longer plays natively. If you need a codec with alpha channel you should use Apple ProRes 4444 with alpha channel.

    I'm making a best guess because you don't mention the codec. It's important you confirm that information.

    Otherwise if you open Animation MOV in Quicktime X, you'll note that it won't play natively there either. Quicktime will automatically convert it to Apple ProRes 4444 though and you can then use that converted file in ScreenFlow. We are examining supporting Animation MOV independently of Apple.

    If you are not using Animation codec, please check the codec and post what you're using. Otherwise please link to the After Effects exported file and I can test on my system.

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  • Hi  CraigS

    Thanks for the explanation - I wasn't thinking about the codec in this instance. My concern was that it USED to work, same settings, in Screenflow 6 used to have no problem.

    Checked AE and I changed from Animation to h.264, and that seems to have done the trick - I can now bring the file into Screenflow, no problem.

    Thanks for the quick reply!


    - Jake

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  • Jacob Hidas Generally the only reason to use Animation is that it carries an Alpha channel. Apple now supports ProRes 4444 for that. H.264 works if you don't need an alpha channel.


    You're welcome of course.

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  • Jacob Hidas Im haveing the same issue. What do you mean by "Checked AE and changed the animation to h.264". I have a .mov that is an alpha channel. How do you do what you just said?

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  • Dustin NcCorchuk said:
    I have a .mov that is an alpha channel. How do you do what you just said?

     MOV is a container. It can contain either Apple ProRes 4444 or Animation with Alpha. On Windows you'd likely only be able to do the latter. On recent Mac OSs it would be the former. So it depends whether you're using AE on Windows or Mac. H.264 doesn't contain Alpha if you don't need it. AE allows you to select the codec when exporting.

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  • CraigS im using Mac OS Sierra. How do I get my .mov to show up in screenflow?

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  • Dustin NcCorchuk Import as I show in the tutorial I posted 11 months ago.

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  • it doesnt work. thats why i am here.

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  • Dustin NcCorchuk Hey - So what happened in my situation was the file that I wanted to export was created in After Effects (AE). In the export settings, I had to change it from animation to h.264, and that allowed it to export so that I could use it in Screenflow. 

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  • Dustin NcCorchuk It's possible there's a compatibility issue. MOV is a container which can have any number of codecs which may (or may not be) compatible.
    ScreenFlow 7.1 fixed the compatibility with Quicktime Animation MOV so the current version 7.2 should work.

    Please post a link to the file and I'll test.

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  • Jacob Hidas As noted above that issue should have been fixed with ScreenFlow 7.1.

    Release Notes
    7.1 – Changes
    FIXED - Apple Animation MOV's not playing in ScreenFlow 7

    If Animation is still not working for you please report the issue.

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  • CraigS  Hey - that's great to hear. I haven't had to test the problem since I had it, so I'll let you know if that changes. I was only trying to answer Dustin's question to me. 

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  • Jacob Hidas The issue should be fixed. Of course we like confirmation from users just in case there are variables.

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  • I just now upgraded to 7.2. Is there an issue with this version and MOV files imported from my iPhone 8? The clip shows in the timeline, and the play indicator moves along the track, but no sound and no video. Existing MP4's work just fine. Frustrating! 

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  • Bill Sklodowski

    Did you get ScreenFlow from the Mac App Store, or did you purchase it from us? Videos imported from iPhones on iOS 11 are x265 and we've made a change that will add support for these files in the next version of ScreenFlow. 

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  • Bill Sklodowski Perhaps you're using HEVC and it's not compatible. iPhone's can record either H.264 (compatible) or HEVC/H.265 (not yet compatible). We're working on compatibility (as Rory notes). In the mean time do the following to convert the file in Finder.

    Otherwise you may want to change your phone to H.264 recording while we work on the iPhone Settings > Camera > Formats > Most Compatible.

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  • I have upgraded to 7.2. On my Mac (High Sierra 10.13.3) I can no longer see the video on Screenflow projects that I created in Screenflow 6. The video clips are there, but when I press play, the audio can be heard, but there is only a black screen. No images appear. I have several older projects that I would still like to use. I also find that bringing in older .mov files has the same result. Is there a workaround?

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  • Rory Maloney I purchased it from you (Telestream)... I didn't know about the video settings in iOS... I see I was on the new setting. I've moved it over to the "more compatible" setting to see what happens... thanks! 

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  • CraigS Hi Craig. I have entire Screenflow projects from Dec 2015 that now show as black screen. Although I could convert the original .mov files, I would have to completely re-edit the clips. I would love to be able to use my older Screenflow files. They were likely Screenflow 6 (although I had 5 as well). Is there a way to be able to view the movies in Screenflow 7.2? If not, can I get a copy of Screenflow 6 to run on the same computer as 7? I would not have upgraded if I had known it would make so many of my old files unreadable.

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  • Michelle Anderson You can certainly have ScreenFlow 6 and 7 on the same computer as long as the OS is compatible. Just put one a folder inside Applications and only run one at a time.

    Please make sure you are running ScreenFlow 6.2.4 for High Sierra compatibility (See Previous Downloads at top of linked page). 

    Generally ScreenFlow 6 documents open in ScreenFlow 7 without issue. Perhaps there's an issue with the media in the document. Always make a copy of the document before opening in a newer version of ScreenFlow as the document may be updated and no longer compatible with the older version.

    Since you're referring to imported MOV files and you can post a link to the original file here and I can examine on my system. In this case compatibility is not about using a previously created document but codec compatibility which might be related to the current version of ScreenFlow.

    Perhaps post a link to a project (zip it first) so I can look at one of those as well.

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