Output to HDMI or VGA

I wish to output the live monitor to a either a HDMI or VGA splitter box to put on a projector.
Im using a MacBook Pro.
Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

Joshua Mars
Mars Video Productions

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  • CraigS  I realized that I could make the switch from outputing my audio to the HDMI output instead of to the built in speakers. Here I could verify that that audio was provided through the HDMI to a TV.

    However I can still not see that audio is similarly provided to, or captured by the atomos Ninja since there is no audio recorded on the clip takes on the Ninja.

    I am trying to see if I need to change some audio setting to have the audio output compatible with the Ninja or if I need to change some setting on the Ninja device itself.

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  • Niklas Holmström If you've routed the audio correctly and the Ninja isn't recording it but a monitor can hear it, it may be a compatibility issue. Check the sample rates as the computer may be sending 44.1kHz and the Ninja may be expecting 48.1kHz. 

    You may want to look at Apple Audio Midi Setup utility and/or check the Ninja's settings as well.

  • CraigS I am outputting an isolated Rendezvous guest feed to an external TV via HDMI from my 2016 MacBook Pro 15 inch. I want to output an additional program monitor feed as well. Is this possible to have 2 separate output feeds? Would I need to upgrade to Wirecast pro?

  • Derrick Minyard Wirecast 9 Multi-Viewer Output can have separate setups going to separate monitors. Rendezvous Dashboard itself isn't an option for the Multi-Viewer which is Preview, Program, Shots, if that's your intent. With Multi-Viewer you could have your Guest in one window and program in another with a three monitor setup. Or you could use the Multi-Viewer and display both Program and Guest as separate portions of a single monitor.

  • CraigS Thank you. So it sounds like I can send a single shot of an individual rendezvous guest out to a separate TV monitor, and I can simultaneously send my program feed to a separate TV monitor as well, correct?

  • Derrick Minyard If your GPU supports your three monitor setup it would work. The Rendezvous Guest would be a shot of course (Multi-Viewer sees Shots as sources for the monitor). So you could have Guest Shot feeding one monitor and Program feeding another.

  • CraigS Perfect. I would need a USB-C hub of some type to accommodate these additional output feeds since I already have 3 camera inputs going into my MacBook Pro 15” 2016.

    Would wirecast require an additional capture card to output these feeds via the multiviewer, or would Wirecast be able to do it without additional capture cards? I’m hoping to purchase a usb-C hub that can support charging delivery into my laptop, and output both of these feeds to my TV’s as well.

  • Derrick Minyard Multi-Viewer uses the GPU. No capture card needed. I can't say for certain the Mac would see independent monitors through a single USB-C hub (it may depend on the hub and the bus resources) so you may need to check that. They can work but there are variables.

    One example of the potential limit noted in this review

    You can’t have two external displays act independently and expand the desktop. CalDigit says this is an Apple feature choice, and I’ll explain it and more display details in-depth later in this review.

    So you may need to check.

  • Derrick Minyard 
    This Apple StackExchange thread is also worth reading.

  • CraigS thank you.

  • Derrick Minyard You're welcome of course.

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