Professional 6-8 channel audio mixer

Greetings! I'm looking to buy a 6-8 channel professional-grade audio mixer and wireless lavaliere microphones for my wirecast studio -- I would greatly appreciate your recommendations! Needs to support output from another computer's audio as well (for remote presenters). Thank you!

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  • Also do a forum search for "mixer" and you may see what others are using. You can then tag them in this thread so they can talk about why the made the choice that they did.

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  • It's a bit confusing because Wirecast has a built-in mixer and that comes up for most of the searches.

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  • I highly recommend the Yamaha MGXX-XU mixers ie: MG12-XU. They provide a direct USB output of the stereo mix which Wirecast will see. (Make sure you get the -XU model - the non-XU models don't have this feature)

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  • I'm really happy with the XR 18. It does come in smaller versions 16 and 12 as well. It shows up in windows with the stereo output that can be used without any add ons in wirecast. If you want the whole range of channels you have to bridge ASIO into WDM. There is cheap software available.

    The mixer offers Midas Quality preamps. Dan Dugan automix, 6 Busses, 4 FX etc. The nice thing for me is that you don't have physical faders. You control it all through software. Even on mobiles like phones or Pads. You can place the mixer on stage and control via IP (Wifi or Cable) from the control room. Just amazing. 

    For Lavaliers I use LD U508 System that has a lot of options. Bodypack and base station sync through IR. That is idiot safe and takes just seconds. The systems scans on free frequencies also. If you one day need hand mics instead of lavaliers you can easily exchange the mobile side and reuse the base station. With the 508 frequencies you have little to no registration issues.

    Another option I can suggest is the Shure GLXD System. It comes with it's own LiIo batterys and the charger build into the base station. This has a no registration issues as it uses standard wifi frequencies. 

    Hope that helps

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  • THANK YOU SO MUCH for these great responses and sharing your experience!! ~Lance

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  • One (!) more question -- what about providing monitor-out sound back to the presenter(s) in the studio, so they can hear everything on the stream (music, remote presenters, etc.) -- has any one figured that out other than a speaker on the floor? MANY THANKS FOR YOUR ADVICE!

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  • The Yamahas provide various monitor outs and group options. Very flexible.

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  • You can use an Amphe Dante adapter. That uses a standard network to send multichannel audio around in buildings etc. I use VIA to bridge everything. With that you can make wirecast available on the network and pick the audio.

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  • Amphe Dante (I like to add user recommended product links as it'll people who are following along).

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  • Thanks for all your great advice!

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  • Robert M Hi Robert, 


    I'm about to buy this mixer, but was wondering if you needed to use any Yamaha software  in addition to Wire cast, or if Wirecast saw it on its own? I was using a Presonus mixer, and it had to have Universal Controller launched before it would connect to wirecast. 


    Is that your experience with the Yamaha, or does it speak to Wirecast directly ?

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  • Zack Klapman No software per se so long as you have the correct drivers installed.

    Make sure you have the latest driver too, as the previous one resulted in some glitches.

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  • Robert M Thanks for that.

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  • Robert M We also use the Yamaha's and they're great. 

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  • Ryan Douthit Thanks for confirming that.

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