Using Remote Desktop with ProPresenter

We use ProPresenter to project media during worship services. I would like to be able to live stream the projected graphics. ProPresenter uses dual monitors. The main monitor displays the operator controls while the second monitor is the projected output. When I connect with Remote Desktop I always see the main control monitor. Is there a way I can have Remote Desktop return the second monitor which is displaying the projected graphics?

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  • Make sure you've updated to Remote Desktop Presenter 2.0.8.
    DTP allows you to chose a Monitor or Window. When using Window you select the specific program window. In your case just select the second monitor.

    Pick the Monitor

    Or pick the Window

    And then whatever specific windows are open within the program

  • Please do watch our tutorials

    These are under Wirecast 6 because there's not much different in how rDTP works.

    Adding a Desktop Presenter Monitor

  • Adding a Desktop Presenter Window

  • Thanks for the help. That's exactly what I need. I am using Remote Desktop Presenter, but missed the Window selection item. I'll definitely check out the tutorials. 

  • You're welcome of course.

  • We have been using Wirecast for over a year, including RDP to capture our second monitor mirror of the projector running LiveWorship and Powerpoint. We recently upgraded to ProPresenter, now we cannot get RDP to send the second monitor display of ProPresenter, but we still get the PowerPoint feed once we force ProPresenter to stop outputting.  I would like to get to only using ProPresenter, but until we can fix this, I am stuck.

  • Oddly enough, we just fixed our issue. ProPresenter has a setting in preferences under Display Settings to Display at Top Most Window Layer. To use RDP, you must have this turned off. Now it appears to work for us.

    Thanks for building a great tool.

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  • Tim Ceradsky That's actually a great user tip for ProPresenter users. Thanks for posting that.

  • I have this same issue on Easyworship 6, but there is no current workaround.  It worked flawlessly on Easyworship 2009.  Any thoughts.  I had it working recently by tricking windows into using a dummy monitor, but had to reinstall windows and can't get it to work. 

  • greg wills If reinstalling windows broke your workaround it's possible that either and Windows update or a change in your settings caused the issue.

    Can you try rolling back to the earlier working version of Easyworship to see if the change only impacts the current version?

  • Does Remote Desktop also work with Wirecast 8 and ProPresenter 6? We'd like to pull in the graphics we use in ProPresenter that are projected on our screens to our live stream as well.

  • Ariane Herwig Remote Desktop Presenter still works but I can't' speak to specific programs. I know that updates in Windows 10 does prevent certain programs from being captured without have to capture the entire screen. Generally, going forward I think NDI will be a better option. You can use the free NDI Scan Convertor Lite for example. That said, Remote Desktop Presenter is still supported.

  • CraigS  thank you for your response. Does it take a whole lot of horse power to run NDI Scan Convertor Lite? Do I need any extra hardware?

  • Ariane Herwig Very little horse power and runs just like Desktop Presenter. No extra hardware at all. 

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