(ScreenFlow v5) Is it possible to insert a GIF into a video / edit out a green screen?

(Im sorry if this is an obvious question)

I am using the 5.0 version 
on my macbookpro retina, Mac OSX 10.9.5 ,   
My processor is 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5. I have 19 GB free out of 120GB.
My scratch disk location is on my External Hard Disk.

I tried adding a GIF on a video i was editing, and the GIF did not play as how I expected (The frames of the GIF went really fast).

And is there a possible way to edit out a green screen of a video in screen flow, so that I can add it to my video?
Thank you, sorry if my grammar is bad.

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  • Since GIF support (import/export) didn't appear until version 6, ScreenFlow 5 shouldn't be expected to handle this file type correctly or at all. So, you'll need to upgrade to version 6 or use a workaround such as the following:

    • Use ScreenFlow to record the GIF in an app that you have that will play it properly.

    •Export that capture as a movie.

    • Import into ScreenFlow 5 as video.

    BTW, if you are not at version 5.0.7 you'll want to get the free upgrade. Doing so will help you avoid other problems.

  • The green screen question needs a bit more info from you. Posting an image of one typical screen would help a lot. Also, please say whether you've used the Chroma Key filter in the Video tab before.

  • Mirana Salsabila note that ScreenFlow 5.0.7 requires OSX 10.10.x and above so you may want to upgrade your OS for continued support. ScreenFlow 6.x has the same OS minimum requirement.

    Once you've upgraded your OS you may want to test in 5.0.7 and the trial version 6.2 to see if there's a difference in playback.

    In my own test if I record a Youtube video in 6.2 and export as GIF at 10fps and then import into a new document, the playback looks correct.

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