Media Will Only Play One Time

Hey there, I'm somewhat new to Wirecast. I've been using it the past few weekends to stream to cameras with an audio mixdown to Facebook.

Tomorrow I'd like to to run media, like an intro, in front of the broadcast, so I started testing without the additional setup of the cameras.

I'm using Wirecast Version: 7.3.0 

On a 2016 Macbook Pro, OS Sierra (10.12.2) with a 2.7 GHz i7

The media I'm trying to use is a 57 MB MP4 using a H.264 codec. A simple 30 second intro. 1920x1080.

When I create a new Wirecast document, I can get it to play once just fine. Then no matter what I do, I cannot get it to play again. I've tried changing the properties in Wirecast from HOLD, to LOOP, to REMOVE. Ultimately, I'd prefer to have it remove because it has a countdown clock.

I'm typically trying to test this in layer 2.

Any thoughts?

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  • HOLD = Stop the clip at the end and keep the last frame live

    LOOP = At the end rewind and replay forever. 

    REMOVE = At the end show a black

    This should work on all layers.

    I'm a bit confused with your statements. 

     I cannot get it to play again

     I'd prefer to have it remove because it has a countdown clock.

    To play it again you have to use the LOOP setting. To play it once use HOLD or REMOVE. Maybe a playlist is an alternative for you.

  • I get the three possibilities with HOLD, LOOP, REMOVE.

    I'm trying to rehearse, and get it to play again, in ANY of those states, and cannot get media to play more than once. 

  • You say you are familiar with all three states. Why does it stop then in loop config. It should loop forever.

    Do you have the shot live all the time?

  • When set to Loop I can switch back and forth between two clips (one an MP4 file and the other an animated GIF) and they both play.

    If you have the file on HOLD or REMOVE it may not start again since it's completed its assigned action.

    Wirecast 7.3 on macOS 10.12.2


  • To your first question... Not sure.

    To the second. I've tried a few different things. I tried going live, then removing that layer, having the blank/black go live, and bringing that media live again, but it won't restart. I've tried deleting the media and re-adding it back in, but that doesn't work.

    So far just creating a new Wirecast document will allow me to start the media.

  • Mike Cioffi You may need to do a screen recording so we can see what you're doing. As you can see it works for me by using the Loop function.

  • CraigS Dumb question, but what's the best way to share a screen recording (nicely cropped like yours) here?

    Also - If it helps, I tried again this morning with a new document. Testing with my HD Facetime camera in one layer (3) and the "preroll" in the another layer (2).

    I can get it to play fine in the LIVE window once. I get even re-cue it in the preview window. It worked as expected with "REMOVE", cut to my laptop camera.

    The issue is recueing it and putting it back in the LIVE/BROADCAST. Even when playing, after manually recueing in the PREVIEW window, I cannot get that clip pushed over to LIVE (double check that layer was ON, and am hitting the GO button).

  • The forum supports embedding videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia.

    What I do though is use Telestream ScreenFlow, crop and export as an animated GIF and upload as a picture so I don't need to link to an external content player.

    It's not clear you're setting it up properly. The video should be set to loop. You can set In Points and Out point to cue. There's also Begin Player when the media becomes live and Remember position even when not live. Please experiment with Source Properties settings for you video file. 


  • I had this exact problem.  I wanted the mp4 to play once on Layer 2 then go to black screen to reveal level 3 live cameras below.  Obviously, this is Remove but I could have lived with Hold.  However, selecting either Hold or Remove meant that you could not play the media file again, even if you deleted the media shot and reinstalled.  The only option appeared to be a completely new document. The shot gains a purple hue to the bottom bar.  

    The solution I found was once the clip had played,  I manually cleared level 2 and made it live. It didn't affect my broadcast.  This removes the purple bar and the mp4 shot is available to play again should it be required. Hope this helps.

  • Basil McCrea thanks for the detailed description. Please do fill out the form, include your description and make the feature request to change the behavior. Your description exemplifies the challenges given the current implementation.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

  • I found this problem too. I have a lower third video clip that builds in and builds out. It is something I would want to play multiple times in a show. If it is in LOOP mode it plays continuously. That won't work. Hold or remove plays the file the once, but I can not replay it. If I put multiple copies of it in the layer those copies won't play after the first instance. The only option really is to have multiple copies of the same file with different file names. Not ideal and unnecessary clutter.

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  • Nigel Honey Please do fill out the previously posted form and describe your problem. Also link to this forum thread to alert engineers that it is a common request to change this behavior.

  • I contacted support regarding this:

    Hi guys 

    Doing a trial of Wirecast and love it, but one thing I have noticed is that if i have a video file, say a lower third, and I want to play it more than once, I can't. If it is in loop mode it plays continually over and over again. This won't work - (it has a build in and build out) and Hold and Remove mode won't let you play it a second time. Only way around it I can see is to have heaps of copies of the video with different file names, which is not really ideal. 

    There needs to be a way you can play a video and have it re-cue itself to the start and be able to be played again.

    I got the following reply:

    Hi Nigel, 

    Thank you for contacting us. Try the following:

    1. Select the video shot
    2. In the Shot Editor, select the "Source Properties" tab (it's the circle icon with 3 dots)
    3. Uncheck "Remember position even when not live".

    Does this result in the expected behavior?

    Best regards, 
    Telestream Desktop Team

    This does indeed seem to work. I set the "When Finished:" option to Remove in the dropdown box, and I can play my lower thirds again! You have to clear the layer or play another shot on the layer before you can play the video again, though.


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  • Nigel Honey Good to hear you've got a solution and thanks for posting it.

  • Nigel Honey Thank you... this worked for me too.

  • Chiming here to say that this problem is STILL happening on version 13.1.2. THREE YEARS LATER.  Same issue as reported above. Trying to play a .mov media file as an intro and then transition to our live shot. The intro will play once when I first open the Wirecast file and then will never go live again, no matter what I do. Clear layers. nothing. Followed the "solution" posted by Nigel Honey. Nothing. WTF, Wirecast? This is such basic functionality. How is this still not fixed?

  • John Henry Dale said:
    The intro will play once when I first open the Wirecast file and then will never go live again, no matter what I do.

     No one has posted to this thread in 3 years because it was fixed as per Nigel's response.

  • John Henry Dale Hey John, I can confirm that the solution posted above by Nigel Honey from Blair in desktop support does in fact work. 


    I agree, I have been very frustrated not understand why anything wasn't working like it should in regards to the issues in this thread. But then we found the solution. 

  • I can also confirm that is working, little bit confusing but it is working...

    You can do it in the following way...


    - One layer is mov file

    - Second layer is camera

    This is workflow

    1. play mov file (set it remove after play "three dots")

    2. Second layer "activate"

    3. Clear layer "mov"

    4. Double check, make transition on the same camera layer (preview-live) you can use "cut" transition it wont affect live

    5. play mov file


    I hope I have clarified workflow

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      • CraigS
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      Leo Thanks for explaining the workflow.

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  • i understand what people are saying - the video goes away in the live shot but it is not removed - it shows a purple line in the icon, telling you that you have played it and to what point, but to reset that video you have to play a second video. which is not removing the video - it is just making it not appear in the live shot

  • the fix - once you play the lower thirds clear the layer and then cut to the same shot that is already live, that will reset your videos

  • Jon Ashner said:
    clear the layer and then cut to the same shot that is

     Yes. It seems that workflow is a bit confusing for some. I think some people expect it to automatically reset. I think it may take some trial to become familiar with the Source Properties file player controls.

  • Ok, what I find interesting though is that the above does work if you have two or more  videos in your layer,  but if you only have one video in the shot once it plays the purple line appears and you can't do anything with it.  No matter what it won't play after it has played once even with the "remember the position even...." I don't get why you have to have more than one video in order to get the videos to play more than once.

  • Steve Borth said:
    No matter what it won't play after it has played once even with the "remember the position even...." I

     Perhaps you're not understanding the playback functions. It's up to you to use the correct settings.

    The question was already answered so you may need to examine your workflow. You can certainly play a shot again.

    A file can loop if you want.
    Remember... certainly works if you switch your shot and switch back. It picks up where it left off.
    Hold will hold the file so you'd have to do something to release that hold.
    If it's remembering the "Held" position then uncheck that and it should play again when you cut back to the shot.


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